Tamil language to be mandatory for Sri Lankan government employees

All official signs in Sri Lanka are in both Tamil and Sinhalese. Photo by kgbbristol via Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

The Tamil language has always been mandatory for certain positions within the government. Now, however, the Sri Lankan government has made plans to make the national language mandatory for all state employees.

Colombo Page

Sri Lanka government is to make the proficiency in Tamil language mandatory from July 1st in the state sector employment.

Minister of Constitutional affairs and National Integration DEW Gunasekara said the Tamil will be mandatory for employment in the state sector from that date.

The government is to take measures to teach Tamil language to those who are already employed in the state sector.

More signs that Sri Lanka has no gripe with any of it's minorities. The people of Sri Lanka, including the minorities, had a huge gripe with the Tamil Tigers. That is the reason why Rajapakse was voted in to eradicate terrorism and bring peace to Sri Lanka.

Rajapakse is no god. He is not a king. He is merely a servant of the people. We elected him because 30 years of war and negotiations with a terrorist group brought nothing but misery for us Sri Lankans.

People tend to forget that the Muslims in Sri Lanka speak Tamil. It is considered their first language.

The 'Sinhala Only' law -as it is commonly referred to today, a.k.a. the Swabash Act - was never created to isolate Tamils or discriminate against them. As I have mentioned in previous posts, it was created to move away from English as the national language.

Under British rule, English was the national language. Less than 1% of Sri Lanka's population could read or write in English. The Sinhalese language was spoken by over 75% of the island's population.

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