Tamil protests in London sends crime surging

Photo by epape via FLickr under the creative commons license.

Sri Lankan Tamil protesters seen carrying the red flag of the Tamil Tigers have caused chaos in cities around the world.

In the UK violence and burglary rose to alarming levels as police found themselves directed to protests instead of policing the streets and apprehending criminals.

Daily Mail

Violence and burglary soared because police were redirected to deal with the £10.5million Tamil protests near Parliament, a report revealed today.

The number of cases of serious violence leapt by nearly 30 per cent and cases of burglary increased by 7.3 per cent, according to a study by a senior public order policeman.

In Canada the provincial government is faced with a massive $900,000 policing bill. Policemen need to be paid wages for their time on the street and the Canadians are at a loss deciding who will foot the bill.

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa’s Police Services Board voted unanimously Monday to ask the federal government to foot the $900,000 bill for what Chief Vern White called an “unprecedented” two-week demonstration by Tamil protesters on Wellington Street, which culminated in 30,000 people descending on Parliament Hill last Tuesday.

“It’s despicable to ask the citizens of Ottawa to pay for these costs,” said River Councillor Maria McRae, who moved the motion, which asks the board’s chairman, West Carleton-March Councillor Eli El-Chantiry, and White to write a letter to the federal government asking them to pay the entire bill.

The protesters themselves are not to blame. The organisers of these protest - evident from the Tamil Tiger flags on display at the protests - were members of the Tamil Tigers.

The Tamil Tigers convinced ordinary Tamils that genocide was taking place in Sri Lanka. And the Tamil diaspora who love to hate the Sri Lankan government needed no convincing.

Photo by Alex Pylyshyn via Flickr under the creative commons license.

I wrote before how a modern day terror group can use 'peaceful protests' to bring entire cities to a halt.

That's exactly what took place.

In order to free the cornered Tiger leadership, the overseas wing of the Tigers needed to portray a grim situation in Sri Lanka. Anyone with any insight to the conflict knew that the protests gathered pace during the first and second week of May. When the UN security council meetings on Sri Lanka took place.

Had the UN ordered a special session on Sri Lanka at the time, or imposed sanctions to force a ceasefire. It would have meant the cornered Tiger leaders would have the means to flee, re-arm, and take Sri Lanka back into years of civil war.

Why do Tamils continue to be just a pawn in the game?

There is nothing noble about holding a terrorist flag or claiming there is genocide in Sri Lanka?

The word genocide should be reserved for the millions who perished in real genocides, and not be used to aid terrorist.

Such a protest aimed at aiding a terrorist group will never go down in the annals of history as a noble deed. It will be looked down upon with scorn when the repercussions of month long blockades become evident.

In Canada Tamil protesters blocked University Ave. (in Toronto) for weeks. It was a route taken by emergency services and the common man to the only hospital in the area.

The Canadians and the British no longer look at the protesters with any sympathy. They are evidently livid that a group sympathetic to a banned terrorist organisation held their city to ransom for months. Blocking their streets and leaving them with a huge bill that could have gone towards aiding the needy in Sri Lanka.

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