Tamil Tigers in New Zealand want cricket tour to Sri Lanka called off

Since the fall of the Tamil Tigers numerous attempts have been made by front organisations sympathetics to the Tigers to create the impression that Sri Lanka is another Zimbabwe.

Thankfully global decision makers are not oblivious to the facts and such attempts have been ignored.

Sri Lanka was at war with an organisation considered by 33 countries including the United States, Canada and Europe as terrorist. [Link] [Link] [Link]

Zimbabwe is not at war with anyone.

Sri Lanka is a democracy. President Rajapakse is an elected official. Sri Lanka's elections are monitored by international observers. [Link]

In 2001 there were 91 foreign election monitors, including 55 from the European Union (EU). Local election monitoring agencies, People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) and the Movement for Free and Fair Elections (MFFE) They deployed 912 mobile monitors and 8,225 other monitors in all 22 districts. - [Link]

The UN Human Rights Council has openly condemned Zimbabwe, but the same council passed a resolution congratulating Sri Lanka for it's defeat of the Tamil Tigers, and for bringing peace to the island after a 30 year conflict.

Sri Lanka has accepted all UN suggestions to improve conditions for the displaced. Zimbabwe continues to be defiant against UN and outside suggestions. [Link]

Members of the Tamil Tigers in New Zealand, who canvas themselves as the entire Tamil community, want the NZ cricket team to boycott their tour of Sri Lanka.

New Zealand Herald
Mr Haran said the Tamil community sent a letter to Foreign Minister Murray McCully last week, requesting that the Sri Lanka tour be cancelled. They have yet to receive a reply.

It's looking like yet another failed venture in a series of failures. One doesn't have to look back too far to remember Jan and MIA's failed efforts. MIA and Jananayagam thought the world would buy it and save the cornered Tamil Tigers if they kept repeating "Stop genocide in Sri Lanka". What has the world come to? There is just no respect for the word genocide these days.

What do these people think they will achieve if a sports tour is called off? Will Tamilnet - the official Tiger website - have a front page editorial which claims New Zealand supports the Tigers cause?

If they only spent this much time and effort helping Sri Lanka in demining operations, maybe then the displaced Tamils will have the opportunity to return to their homes sooner. Instead, they try week after week, month after month, to tarnish Sri Lanka's global image. I wonder what that will achieve for anyone.

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