Tamil Tigers to form a 'government in exile'

"To achieve the goal of independence and sovereignty of Eezham Tamils in the home country and to meet the international challenges internationally"

The above is the given reasoning for what TamilNet - the official mouthpiece of the Tamil Tigers - considers is the need to form a government in exile.

The Tamil Tigers who are considered by most developed nations as a terrorist group, fought for 30 years to carve out a Tamil only state (EEZHAM/EELAM) out of one third of Sri Lanka. In the process over 100,000 people of all ethnic groups paid the ultimate price. Thousands died. Human Rights group claim abuses were carried out by both sides.

Today, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka are no more. They no longer hold territory or bases. Their grip on the Tamil people of Sri Lanka - which largely depended on their ruthlessness - has eased.

The Tigers control no one in Sri Lanka today.

Yet, the Tigers and it's overseas financiers - funded by extortion and other illegal activities - now want to form a government.

A government consists of elected representatives. Who elected this 'government in exile' I wonder?

This is yet another clear example of the deluded state in which Tamil Tiger sympathisers live in. They consider 'EEZHAM' their homeland, but not for a moment have they considered that all of Sri Lanka has been the 'homeland' for over 2 million Tamils for generations.

Only a fraction of Sri Lanka's Tamil population actually lived in Tamil Tiger controlled 'EEZHAM' or 'EELAM'. For the majority of Sri Lankan Tamils all of Sri Lanka was their homeland.

I currently reside in Colombo - 6, commonly known as Wellawatte. This part of Colombo is majority Tamil. Yes, you heard me. Majority Tamil residents in what the Tigers claimed to be the 'Sinhalese South'.

These people didn't turn up here overnight. They have lived here for generations. They were here a year after 1983, the dreaded anti-Tamil riots. They carried on with their lives while other Tamils fled overseas.

Life went on for them, and reconciliation took place from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. From family to family. The people forgave and forgot.

The untold story of the '83 riots is how the community including the Sinhalese protected Tamils that lived amongst them when mobs turned up looking for them.

The men who carried out the violence were merely a few hundred, but those who protected the Tamils numbered the thousands.

My family home provided refuge to four Tamil families. Neighbours who hid in a non Tamil home to avoid the mobs.

It was a dark day in Sri Lanka's history. The government at the time let down every single law abiding citizen in the country.

When Junius Richard Jayawardene - a spineless wimp - did nothing to protect his citizens, it was an attack against every law abiding citizen. Not only were Tamil shops and homes looted. Thugs who went on a rampage stole from everyone regardless of ethnicity.

Prabhakaran's Tamil Tigers had gunned down 13 Sinhalese soldiers, at the time it was the largest military loss of life. The president and the parliament were caught off guard and their slow reaction destroyed the lives of many.

The country was indeed reeling from the death of 13 soldiers, which sparked the violence. But there are no excuses for what took place in 1983. It was indeed a 'Black July' for all of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has come a long way since 1983. Even though the government didn't do much to reach out to the Tamils who suffered, the people reconciled their differences.

I grew up with Tamils and I went to school with Tamils. I was exposed to all ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. So much so that you don't define people you meet on a daily basis as 'Tamil', 'Sinhalese,' or 'Muslim.'

Those distinctions become evident only when one leaves Sri Lanka.

I spent several years gaining an education in the US. That's when it became evident that Sri Lankans or people of Sri Lankan decent see things as Black Vs White.

The non Tamils who live overseas, even if they despise the government, despise the Tigers greatly. And the Tamils are forced to except the Tigers as their representatives because the Tigers infiltrated all Tamil social and community groups imposing themselves as the official representatives of Tamils. They created the impression amongst Tamils that the group was a government, it's leader Prabhakaran.


A government in exile functions outside of its territory with an aim of taking control of that territory. Such a government may have already existed in an independent and sovereign country and have lost its power or may have been formed anew to claim an independent and sovereign country. Whatever the case may be, a government in exile needs a host country.

But the transnational government we speak of is a novel experiment that has no precedence.

The reality is that there is only one government in Sri Lanka. That government is voted by millions of tax payers. The world consider the Tamil Tigers as terrorists who recruited children as soldiers. Families were forced to give up one child per household. This was no volunteer force.

To continue to blindly follow everything that TamilNet and other pro Tiger media dishes out is ignorance. The very same ignorance that funded, for 30 years, a war which killed more Tamils than it did any good for them.

You and I both know the Tigers were involved in many illegal activities. From Credit/Debit card scams to international arms smuggling. These criminals need a means to survive now that the Tigers are no more in Sri Lanka.

So they turn to impressionable Tamils to fund them. You won't fall prey to a Nigerian Email scam, don't fall prey to this. Save your money. Find ways to help your people in Sri Lanka grow. Don't fund what caused the deaths of thousands of Tamil children. A generation of Tamil children were deprived of an education in Sri Lanka because of your donations.

It's time to put an end to the contributions that led to the demise of your own people.

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