Tamils for Obama is a front for the Tamil Tigers

The Tamil Tigers are by no means done and dusted because their leadership and military bases are no more in Sri Lanka.

In order for the Tigers to wage a 30 year war on the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka, it required the support from it's Tamil diaspora overseas.

Many organisations under various aliases were created to serve the interest of the Tamil Tigers.

'Tamils for Obama' is one such organisation.

The group has sent a letter to Secretary Clinton, President Obama, and other US officials asking them to remove the Tamil Tigers from the US terrorist list.

The logic according to 'Tamils for Obama' is that the Tigers are no more and the ban only blocks organisations like the TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation) from sending aid to Sri Lanka.

The TRO is banned in numerous countries as a Tamil Tiger money laundering front. The organisations existence only served to channel funds to the Tigers, putting up a fairly inexpensive image of a charity front.

TRO used some of the funds it collected for charitable purposes, but a large percentage of the money went into arms procurement for the Tigers. The charity was just the cover.

The Tamil Tigers are gone, wrote Tamils for Obama in a letter to U.S. officials. Humanitarian organizations that were once accused of being Tiger fronts should be allowed to help the Tamil war victims who need their help.

The letter was sent to Secretary Clinton, President Obama, and appropriate elected officials on Friday, June 5 by Tamils for Obama. The letter said that since the Tamil Tigers are no longer a functioning organization and their leaders are all dead, according to the Sri Lankan government, the Tigers should be taken off lists kept by the U.S. and other governments of terrorist organizations and their supporters.

The presence on such lists of Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) and other aid organizations keeps them from conveying funds and humanitarian help to Tamil war victims. Tamils for Obama, a politically active group of Tamil Americans who were early supporters of candidate Obama, urged that the TRO and similar organizations be struck off any list of terrorist fronts which the U.S. still maintains. A spokesman for Tamils for Obama explained that they hope that if the U.S. removes them from the list of terrorist fronts, other countries may do likewise.

It's ridiculous for 'Tamils for Obama' to think that the US authorities could be this naive.

The Sri Lankan government on the other hand has sought the assistance of other countries, including the US, to apprehend the overseas financiers of the Tamil Tigers.

SINGAPORE (AFP) — Sri Lanka appealed Sunday for international support in dismantling the global political network of the Tamil Tiger rebels after declaring a full military victory over the separatist movement.

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama told a high-level security forum in Singapore that Colombo needed help in disabling the Tigers' "powerful political lobbies in certain capitals" that are seeking to resurrect the movement.

The Tigers are by no means over. Their global financial network remains intact and a constant threat to the people of Sri Lanka.

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