Tamils oppose Janani 'Jan' Jananayagam contesting for European Parliament

Members of the Tamil - Indian community in the UK have expressed their dismay at Janani 'Jan' Jananayagam contesting for EU parliament as an independent candidate.

Asian Tribune
A South Indian Tamil lobby in the UK has said that Jan Jananayagam should be shunned by voters as she represents ‘the terrorists who killed our bellowed former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’.

A female suicide bomber of Sri Lankan terrorist outfit, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) assassinated Rajiv Gandhi at an election rally in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991. "Vote for Jan will tantamount to be a vote for a suicide bomber," Raghuvir Samy of the Tamil lobby said.

Many Indian political analysts believe that Jananayagam, if elected as an MEP, could encourage separatist trends in Tamil Nau, the South India state where some separatist elements are linked to the LTTE. "Jan Jananayagam recently said in a BBC interview that there is an "existential threat to Tamils" and her support will be an encouragement to South Indian Tamil separatist groups," warns Atul Saxena, a member of the Indian National Congress. "If she gets elected extremists in India like PMK, TVP will raise their heads once again," he warned.

But he is confident that Indian origin voters in UK would not vote for Jananayagam. "Even Viko (MDMK leader V Gomalasamy) could not get elected in Tamil Nadu and he was defeated because he was a supporter of the LTTE," he pointed out. "Jananayagam too openly expressed her support to LTTE at a recent interview and it is very foolish for any democrat to vote for such a person. That alone is a reason enough for thousands of Indian voters to reject her".
Jan is the official spokesperson and the media face of the organisation 'Tamils Against Genocide'. The organisation carries an extreme view of Sri Lanka's war against the Tamil Tigers, calling it 'Genocide'.

'Tamils Against Genocide' has also been considered to be a propaganda front of the Tamil Tigers.

I wrote last month on how the official website of the Tamil Tigers backed Jan and called on all supporters of the terror group to vote her into the EU parliament. Now the daughter of a senior Tiger leader, now a popular musician, MIA, has promised to give away a free download of her music ($0.50 - 50 cents USD) to anyone who votes for Jan.

All this fuss is not because Jan may become the only Sri Lankan in EU parliament? Nirj Deva is a Sri Lankan who is currently a Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England. He, however, does not support the Tamil Tigers and their exploitation of impoverished women and children to produce suicide bombers.

Jan's only role in the EU parliament will be to terrorise Sri Lanka's people with her extremist agendas.

In her attempt to block an IMF loan to Sri Lanka worth $1.9 Billion USD, Jan showed scant respect to the word 'Genocide'.

Instead of using it as a propaganda tool against the Sri Lankan state, she should have realised that the word must be respected and reserved for the countless lives lost in places like Rwanda.

She has also served as a spokesperson for the Tamil Tigers.

Al Jazeera
Jan Jananayagam from a group called Tamils Against Genocide, who has spoken to the LTTE, told Al Jazeera: "The Tamil Tigers have called for international intervention...
Her motives are clear, hopefully the Tamil diaspora living in the UK will not contribute further to the misery of their own people by voting for her.

Sri Lanka belongs to the Tamils. Eelam belonged to the Tamil Tigers. The government of Sri Lanka is elected by a nation of 21 million people. The power of the vote should contribute to bringing peace and prosperity to Tamils in Sri Lanka. Not more misery and death.

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