Video: CNN and Jan Jananayagam trod on the acheivements of the Sri Lankan cricket team

Sri Lanka's hope for victory
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It's a shame CNN didn't get the views of Muttiah Muralitharan or any Tamil who actually lives in Sri Lanka. Instead, they chose to promote the views of individuals who don't reside in Sri Lanka, or have no love for it's sport.

Jan Jananayagam is pro Tamil Tiger and knows as much about Sri Lanka as a person who reads the news on Sri Lanka.

Click this link. It points to a post which expresses the views of a Sri Lankan Tamil. Common sense will tell you that it is merely one view and doesn't necessarily represent the views of all Tamils.

There are millions of Tamils in Sri Lanka, not all feel the same as the pro Tiger diaspora in the UK either.

There are thousands of Tamil in Sri Lanka glued to their TV screens cheering the Sri Lankan cricketers on. Most Tamils on the island live away from the conflict zone and continue to live normal lives.

There are no morals in journalism when it becomes a commercial enterprise. Any story, regardless of how morally wrong, or factually incorrect, is fair game if it brings in an audience that clicks on advertising. CNN is all about big money these days.

Sri Lanka is a cricket team with Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Sinhalese. The team is majority Sinhalese, the vice captain - CNN left this out - is a Tamil (Muralitharan).

The British cricket team, the South African team and the Australian team all carry similar weird imbalances of majority and minority. But that's barely an issue because those teams are dominated by Caucasians and not Sinhalese. Right?

It's ridiculous how news networks keep highlighting groups like 'Tamils against genocide'. Fronts set up to serve the interests of the Tigers.

Previously I wrote about this very issue. Moderate Sri Lankan Tamils have no representation in the International Media. It is always individuals like Jan - Tamil Tiger funded sympathisers who carry an extreme view of Sri Lanka's war on a terror group, calling it Genocide, that speak for all Tamils, or speak about grievances of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

There is absolutely no genocide in Sri Lanka. If there is then the UNHCR, the US embassy, the British high commission and the Canadian embassy is yet to report it. Surely they can't be siding with the Sri Lankan government?

CNN's video above is a distasteful attack on sportsmen who have nothing to do with the war in Sri Lanka or it's politicians.

The attack on the cricket team in Pakistan was not politically motivated and has nothing to with Tamils or the war in Sri Lanka. The attack was carried out by Taliban terrorist. Further justifying the reasoning behind Sri Lanka's war on the Tamil Tigers.

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