Video: From Dust - Tribeca Films in Sri Lanka

This phenomenal video has the look and feel of an amateur production, but it oozes all the class and finesse of a pro- production. Watching it evoked so many different emotions, and it had little to do with what I was smoking.

I watched this film several times over. Both high and very sober.

The resilience and unity of rural communities in Sri Lanka is inspiring. Through all injustice they continue to survive.

Even amongst the most desperate they haven't lost that smile, or that charm.

Even though I grew up in Colombo, I knew people from all walks of life. The rich and the poor. Tamils, Sinhalese, Burgers and Muslims. People from the south, the coast, hill country, and the north.

Some of my most cherished memories come from times I've met up with local fishermen and beach boys (guys who make a living by hanging out on the beach). Good times! Just sitting by the beach and downing a glass of 'RA' (coconut toddy-alcoholic) and smoking some dry, but good, Ganja.

Dedicate an hour to this brilliance. I swear you won't regret it. The entire documentary runs just a little over an hour. Just remember me when you hear "My knowledge was enhanced by a TV program named Baywatch." I almost fell of my chair when I heard that!

More importantly, the main focus of the movie is Sri Lanka's '100 meter buffer zone'.

It's been four years since the Tsunami. We need to ask questions from our ministers.

What happened to the 100m buffer zone? Why was it 100m and not 200? What happened to all the people who lived there? And finally, if the 100m zone is not suitable for homes, we must then ensure nothing is ever built there.

'From Dust' was directed and produced by Dhruv Dhawan.

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