Video: Oh no! Not another elephant in my well??

Villagers rescue a baby elephant from a well in north central Sri Lanka after the animal fell in. As soon as it was free it made a bee-line to the bush. Here's more.

It was a narrow escape for this baby elephant in a Sri Lankan village yesterday after falling into a large well. Large cultivation wells in the country's north and north central farming areas are considered to be quite hazardous for wild elephants.

Local media said a number of the animals had been found dead in wells after falling in.

Local residents and wild life officers came to the animal's aid by knocking a hole in the wall of the well as the elephant swam around looking for a way out.

Once a big enough hole had been made, the elephant managed to struggle out of the water onto dry land.
The animal then charged off into the bushes and even though it was just a baby, managed to send one local cameraman flying as he raced off.

Elephants, the vast majority of which roam wild in Sri Lanka's forest and jungle areas, are increasingly straying into human settlement areas in search of food, as their habitat is encroached upon by development projects and the war between the government and separatists.

In 2007, 193 elephants died in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a total population estimated at around 3,000-4,000 elephants.

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