Video: The Sri Lankan representation at the UN - Dayan Jayathilake in action

Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka is Senior Lecturer in political science at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

He is also a member of the Council of Management of the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS) and the editorial board of its journal.

He served at Minister of Planning & Youth Affairs in the North-East Provincial Council in 1988-89.

Ambassador Jayatilleka who holds a First Class Honours degree in Political Science from the University of Peradeniya, Sir Lanka, recently completed his PhD at the Department of Politics and Public Policy, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

He obtained his MPhil from the University of Colombo in October 2002. He was also a Fulbright Scholar in 1982-83.

He was educated at St. Joseph's College Colombo, Aquinas University College Colombo, Peradeniya University, at the State University of New York at Binghamton and Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka who has a distinguished academic record is a also author of numerous publications including: Sri Lanka:The Travails of a Democracy, Unfinished War, Protracted Crisis (1995) and the forthcoming book entitled Fidel's Ethics of Violence, The Moral Dimension of the Political Thought of Fidel Castro to be published in September 2007 by Pluto Press (London) and the University of Michigan Press (Ann Arbour).

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