Video: Terrorism threatens to destroy Pakistan - 6 Jun 09

As a Sri Lankan I know all too well how an entire nation can be destroyed when you attempt to negotiate with terrorist and extremist. Rationale people will not kill the innocent in order to bring attention to any sane agenda. Only psychopaths kill the innocent. The Taliban are such psychopaths.

Pakistan, although they hate to admit it, is on the verge of collapse with almost daily attacks on it's innocent civilians and other establishments.

As India did with the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka; For years the Pakistanis turned a sympathetic blind eye towards their Taliban neighbours in Afghanistan. It has proven to be a costly mistake.

It should not take this long for any civil society to realise that aiding any extremist agenda, even in far away lands, will eventually have dire consequences in their own backyard.

Pakistan made the same mistake. They, as was the case in Sri Lanka, attempted to negotiate with cold blooded killers. Which set the wrong precedent in it's own right. When extremist don't get their way, they return to killing.

Innocent women and children, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. Gunned down or blown to bits for some man's agenda. For some group's grievances.

Do not negotiate with evil. Crush it and defeat it. Peace and freedom should not be exclusive to only certain societies. When issues and grievances arise there are peaceful means that can achieve faster results than a bomb could ever. As parents we must teach our kids to deal with their grievances in a civil manner.

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