Allegations of abuse in Sri Lankan refugee camps pay off - Channel4 gets first ever interview with new Tamil Tiger leader.

I wrote this post a few months ago. I spoke of Nick Paton Walsh and Channel4's coverage of the Sri Lankan conflict. Scrutiny is warranted whenever a news network only carries a one-sided view of any conflict. A good example is Fox News USA. If you watched the Fox News Channel all day you would be compelled to think Obama is Satan.

Similarly Channel4 in the UK only reports of a grim situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka. It is almost always critical of the Sri Lankan government. There is never a positive report from Sri Lanka. Their sources are generally all Pro-Tiger organisations like the British Tamil Forum, or Tamils against Genocide.

Is it surprising then that the first network to have exposed shocking allegations of sexual abuse, has now managed to secure an interview with a fugitive that Interpol has not yet managed to locate?

Did I mention it was a televised interview?

Publishing information which portrays total doom for the Tamils without the Tigers in Sri Lanka comes with certain perks. The Interpol, the Malaysian Police, and the Thai police have all been unsuccessful in locating Pathmanathan. But here he is giving his first televised interview for his pals at Channel4.

Do you still wonder why the Sri Lankan government is apprehensive of the foreign media?

Channel4 aired completely baseless allegations about the refugee camps in Sri Lanka which contradicted statements made from neutral UN aid workers. Channel4 interviewed anonymous individuals claiming to be aid workers.

The anonymous individuals seen on the Channel4 news segment spoke of rotting dead bodies left strewn all around the camps. Nick Paton Walsh, the Channel4 correspondent in Sri Lanka claimed that the voices on the video were aid workers. The moment Channel4 aired this piece it provided the Tamil Tigers with yet another piece for it's smear campaign against Sri Lanka. Nick Paton Walsh was subsequently deported from the island.

If you asked back then, why would Channel4 publish Tamil Tiger propaganda?

Now you know why. How many others managed to secure an interview with the new head of the Tamil Tigers?

In the televised interview is a middle aged Tamil man who can barely get his point across. Hiding behind a white baseball hat and a blurred camera lens, Kumaran Pathmanathan says that the international community expects from them [Tamil Tigers] a political solution. But he says the Sri Lankan government is not ready to find a solution.

Le'ts put this in perspective. Is it reasonable to expect the Sri Lankan government to negotiate with a group which is considered nothing more than terrorist by 32 countries in the world?

Especially after they were defeated militarily?

According to Pathmanathan he has 2000 cadres waiting in jungles for his next command.

Hello? Does this man need a reality check or what?

The Tigers were annihilated, the entire country is under the control of the Sri Lankan armed forces, and he is a nobody. If you had some common sense you would know that this is yet another elaborate scam to fill the pockets of this international criminal and other such unscrupulous individuals.

The Tamil Tigers do no represent anyone in Sri Lanka now. The Tamils in Sri Lanka finally have their own voice. They do not need a criminal claiming to be their leader. What a farce! A wanted criminal claims to be the self appointed leader of all Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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