Ask Mahinda - President Rajapaksa is open to your questions

Photo: AFP

How many of you knew he had a website? I didn't. Not until 15 minutes ago anyway..

Not only does the President of Sri Lanka have a website, he has a Q&A page. Members of the public can contact him and (I guess) he responds to all but chooses to publish a select few.

No joke..

Below is a Question posted on his site and his response:

Q:Isn't it time that Srilankan separates the Temple from the State. You are expected to raise the vision of the masses. How would you influence the country and the budhist clergy that power needs to be shared with the provinces. What plans do you have to go beyond the 13th Ammendment. - Anton Norbet, Canada

Answer:You mustn't judge the Sangha or the Buddhist tradition on the basis of the conduct or the statements of a few. Buddhism is a religion of non-violence, compassion and tolerance. Millions of humble Buddhists and the vast majority of the Sangha are deeply influenced by this great tradition, through which all differences of caste, creed, race and language merge into one great unity. At a practical level I can quote several examples of Buddhist temples that have donated temple lands for the construction of Mosques and for the construction of Hindu Kovils. Recently too I happened to see in Kandy a Mosque for the construction of which land had been donoted by the Asgiriya temple. This is the Buddhist tradition that I know. I know for a fact that the vast majority of the Sangha and the laity are tolerant and compassionate and support an arrangement in which power is shared. What they are concerned about is the division of the country.

Bloody Nora! Who would have thought???

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