Australian police charge Tamil man for racially motivated attack

Amalathepan Srikantharajah, of Girraween, who was charged with attempted murder today. Photo: Peter Rae.

Last month I wrote about how a group of Tamil youth broke into a Sinhalese household in Sydney, Australia, and viciously attacked two Sinhalese youth.

Brisbane Times

Both were splashed with some sort of acid, one a 22-year-old who suffered severe burns. He was taken to the burns unit at Concord Hospital and had to be placed in an induced coma.

The other, 27, was also splashed with acid and also stabbed in the stomach.
His ankle was also broken in the attack, and was in a serious but stable condition at Westmead Hospital.

Today, the Australian Police have announced the arrest of Amalathepan Srikantharajah in connection with the attacks.

Brisbane Times
Police allege Amalathepan Srikantharajah was one of the "principal offenders" in the home invasion but have refused to confirm the attack was racially motivated.

Srikantharajah, 25, of Girraween, was charged on Wednesday with break and enter with intent to murder, causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder, maliciously throwing acid with intent to maim, and recklessly damaging property.

Jayasri Watawala, 22, and Chathurika Weerasinghe, 27, were at their Westmead home in Sydney's west on the night of May 17 when attacked.

Srikantharajah is alleged to have been one of a group of men who forced their way into the property and poured sodium hydroxide into the victims' eyes.

It's not uncommon for the Aussies to play down the whole race thing. They like to pretend that no crime in Australia is racism related.

The readers of this blog know all too well that these men were attacked because they were Sinhalese. It was racially motivated, and it has little to do with the Sri Lankan government, or little to do with being supporters of any political party in Sri Lanka.

It has a lot to do with the Tamil Tigers and the hate the organisation spreads against Sinhalese.

Year after year I keep asking myself, when will the Tamil diaspora realise that their association with the Tamil Tigers has brought nothing but misery for themselves and countless other Tamils on the island?

They follow the Tamil Tigers with such blind faith. Even amongst the educated Tamils living in Australia, you are bound to hear some form of justification for supporting a group considered by 33 countries around the world to be terrorist.

Everything a Tamil Tiger sympathiser knows about Sri Lanka, or it's government, is from what the Tamil Tiger news sources tell them. They make connections with bad 3rd world governance and other problems faced by all developing nations, with propaganda from the Tigers to create the impression that only the Tigers can save their people.

The Tigers and a 30 year old war are the very reason for human rights abuses. A government grappling with a falling economy, lawless states, and a deadly terrorist group, not to mention natural disasters like the Tsunami, is stretched to the max. Human rights unfortunately falls to the bottom of the priority list.

Tamils in Sri Lanka and those overseas must first come to grips with the fact that they were completely exploited and brainwashed.

Photo by voss used under the Creative Commons license.

A child born in North Korea is told from birth that Kim Jong-il is the supreme leader. No one questions anything Kim Jong-il or his party says. Children are taught to hate Americans, all Americans.

To help the people of the north realise that they are being brain washed, South Korea sends off balloons with pro-democracy literature. Mike Kim in his book titled 'Escaping North Korea' speaks of how a woman, working for the North Korean government, had been given the task of picking up the pro-democracy literature. She would use a stick to pick up the pieces of paper instead of touching it with her hands because Kim Jong-il's North Korean government had told the masses that if they touched it they would die.

Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World's Most Repressive Country

Such is the power of propaganda. Even the most educated can be brainwashed. When you are told for years that Sri Lanka and all non Tamil Sri Lankans are out to get you. You naturally begin to think it's them versus us.

Photo by gxdoyle used under the Creative Commons license.

On a business trip to Singapore, having a smoke break outside, I overheard a group of men talking. They looked Indian, but soon I discovered they were Tamils, perhaps of Sri Lankan origin.

"1500 SLA killed man! Whoo hoo.. kill all those mother fuckers la!" It was pretty clear what that meant. They were celebrating the deaths of apparently 1500 Sri Lankan Army soldiers. I wasn't entirely sure where they got their news from, but a little research later that day revealed a popular Tamil Tiger website claiming to have killed 1500 soldiers.

In Sri Lanka, very rarely do you hear people jumping in joy over the deaths of Tiger cadres. In Singapore these were successful bankers taking a smoke break.

As in Amalathepan Srikantharajah's case, Tamil men around the world find themselves being arrested for crimes in support of the Tamil Tigers.

In Canada, Ramanan Mylvaganam faces deportation and a host of charges facing him in US courts. In England, Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar is now serving a prison sentence for supplying electrical equipment and documents to the Tigers. He was arrested last month.

In the US, also in June of 2009, four Tamil men were found guilty of raising millions through the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation for the Tigers.

When will the Tamils realise that no matter how firmly they believe the Tigers are a government, that nothing changes reality? The Tigers are not a government. For years they used their own media, silencing all their critics, to brainwash thousands.

Stop for a moment if you think the Sri Lankan government intends on mass murdering Tamils. Stop for a moment if you think "THE SRI LANKAN ARMY IS SINHALESE , WHICH IS WHY THEY CALLED ALL TAMILS TERRORIST AND ARE GETTING AWAY WITH GENOCIDE!"

Ask yourself, if for over 30 years, a government which has changed hands numerous times, and a government that has negotiated year after year with cold blooded killers for the sake of peace, is really out to get you.

Do you for a moment believe that every government -past and present - made it their sole priority to kill Tamils? What about the Tamils in the government? Wait, the Tigers have that covered too. They call them, or anyone who speaks for peace, a traitor. That's right. And you followed blindly.

Today they use women to spread their hate. MIA and Jan Jananayagam is the Obama like front used to capture and captivate the minds of the next generation Tamils.

I wonder if there will ever be a Tamil leader who will rise from up from the masses, and not make excuses for extremism or terrorism, and yet have the ability to free the minds of those who were exploited for years.

Only then can the Tamils of Sri Lanka, and the thousands of Sri Lankans living elsewhere, live in peace.

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