Bob Rae and the Liberal party of Canada involved in Sri Lanka's affairs again

Notice the 'Terrorist Idol' judge with the Liberal's T-Shirt on? Cartoon courtesy Ministry of Defence.

It is no secret that Liberal party of Canada is dependent on a large Sri Lankan Tamil voter base.

Loyal Tamil backers could march over to NDP, Liberals fear (The Star)
As protesters rallied at Queen's Park, the Tamils' plight dominated the weekly Liberal caucus meeting, with MPPs urging Premier Dalton McGuinty to support a politically loyal community.

Behind closed doors Tuesday, MPP after MPP reminded the premier that the 200,000-strong Tamil community has long backed the Liberals, voting en masse and volunteering in campaigns.

"If we're not careful, there are at least five ridings we could lose if the Tamils go over to the NDP. ... They work very hard for us," warned one MPP.

McGuinty yesterday made a plea for Torontonians to consider the strife Tamils face in civil war-ravaged Sri Lanka.
This is the same Tamil Diaspora which openly displayed support to a banned terrorist group (Tamil Tigers) on the lawns of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The very same Tamil community that funded suicide bombings and the recruitment of child soldiers in Sri Lanka.

The same group who took over the Gardiner Expressway on mother's day.

The Canadian government refused to speak with any group flying the flag of a terrorist group, but that didn't stop Liberal MP Rae from showing up at the protest? Rae was one of only two MPs to turn up at the Tamil Tiger backed protest. He sided and sympathised with a group that told him there was genocide in Sri Lanka, when there clearly was not.

Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae said the situation is dire.

"A blood bath is a distinct possibility and we have a responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen," he said. "There's no reason why we shouldn't be engaged. We should roll up our sleeves and try to find a solution to this."
His solution was for Sri Lanka to negotiate with a terrorist group. That too despite years of failed negotiations, and at a time when the Tamil Tigers were cornered and facing defeat. All because his voter base asked him to do so.

Will Rae asks the Canadian government to "roll up their sleeves," and work towards some power sharing agreement between Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaeda and the Afghan government? There is after all a 'bloodbath' taking place when you consider the number of Canadian troops the Al Qaeda backed Taliban have killed this year alone.

This is the primary reason Rae was not allowed entry into Sri Lanka. There is nothing surprising about the Sri Lankan's decision to keep him out of the country. Rae acted shocked and dumbfounded when he was denied entry. Yet, Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai visited Sri Lanka on the 5th of July 2009. Before him, Bev Oda, Canada's federal Minister of International Co-operation paid Sri Lanka an official visit.

There was a logical and non-bizarre reason behind Sri Lanka not wanting Rae on the island.

Toronto has been a main hub and a huge source of funding for the Tamil Tigers for years now. Rae and the Liberals chose to please their voters even if it meant supporting terrorism on an island far away. Self interest first before morals, EH?.

It seems as though the Liberal party of Canada doesn't seem to care enough for Canada's troops in Afghanistan. They encourage extremism, separatism, and terrorism in Sri Lanka, but have brave men and women from their own nation fighting against it elsewhere.

After the military defeat of the Tamil Tigers, their front organisations, and sympathisers across the world, have made it their goal now to ensure a picture of total doom is painted for Tamils on the island. This would further justify their reasoning for supporting a separatist movement. They want the world to believe that without their so called 'freedom fighters', there is no hope for Tamils.

Attempting to block an IMF loan, which Sri Lanka had applied for several months ago to counter the global recession, is now the Tamil Tiger Diaspora's foremost goal. In retaliation to the defeat inflicted on their movement and the slaying of their leader. Tamil Tiger sympathisers want you to believe that thousands of Tamils are dying in what they call 'concentration camps'.

They hope to block, or prevent, any path towards development and economic growth, as a means of getting even.

24 hours ago, a contingent on behalf of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded a visit to Sri Lanka in which they discussed the conditions of the loan further.

Sri Lanka has to meet several requirements in order for the loan to be approved. Much of it has to do with Sri Lanka's fiscal discipline, the falling Rupee, and the Central Bank. And very little do to with politics. The IMF does not take Human Rights issues, or politics, into consideration in their decision making.

However, at the conclusion of the IMF's recent visit to Sri Lanka, it's spokesperson Caroline Atkinson told reporters that in the next steps involved in the process is an executive board meeting, where the view's of the international community, in regards to the loan, will be considered as part of the approval process.

The final remark about considering international views, set off the pro-Tiger Diaspora into 'action-mode'.

First, Matthew Russell Lee of the Inner City Press, who seems to have nothing but Sri Lanka on his mind these days, reported that "all of the international community's views will be considered."

Matthew's lopsided coverage of Sri Lanka has been similar to Bob Rae's voter driven campaign. Shortly after Matthew's article, Bob Rae - the champion of Tamil Tigers' Rights - has decided to speak out.

Liberals call for conditions on any IMF loan to Sri Lanka
The Liberal Party insists that conditions need to be strictly applied to any potential loan to Sri Lanka from the International Monetary Fund, based on humanitarian concerns, the proper treatment of internally displaced persons and a restoration of peace and security to the country.

“We must be responsible in our economic assistance to Sri Lanka,” said Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae. “The government of Sri Lanka cannot expect massive economic assistance without paying full attention to their humanitarian obligations.

“The situation in Sri Lanka remains dire and requires international attention. Our efforts must be focused on helping those in need,” he said.
If you read the press release on the Liberal's official website, it becomes clear that everything the Liberals know about the IMF loan, and it's conditions, is what the Tamil Tigers tell them.

Can someone please confirm if indeed the US Senate, as the Liberals say, has "blocked the Treasury Secretary from authorizing a nearly $2-billion IMF loan.."

Not a single newswire has carried the story yet..

I would be distraught right now if I was Canadian.

Michael Ignatieff is the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was a close friend of Neelan Tiruchelvam. A Harvard educated, moderate, Sri Lankan Tamil politician who was blown to bits by a Tamil Tiger assassin.

One wonders how Ignatieff can sleep knowing that his party pampers the needs of the assassins who took the life of his good friend.

If Twitter is your thing. Let Ignatieff know by forwarding this post to him @M_Ignatieff

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