Bob Rae fails in response to "Sri Lankan blood on Liberal hands."

Bob Rae has written in to the National Post in response to their editorial 'Sri Lankan blood on Liberal hands.'

Rae is correct when he says that some quarters of the Liberal party backed the conservatives in banning the Tigers, and he is correct when he says the Tigers collected money in other parts of the world to fund their terror campaign in Sri Lanka.

He falls flat on his face when he says: "Since the early 1990s, the conflict between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority has seen intensification in fighting and a series of failed peace talks."

When is Rae going to get it into his thick skull that there was never an ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka? If you say the government negotiated with the LTTE (Tigers) that then means they were in negotiations with a group. A violent armed group which claimed to be representing all Tamils on the island.

There are 4 million Tamils and 16 million non-Tamils on the island. Non Tamils and most moderate Tamils consider the LTTE as their enemy and not their representative. From what Rae is exposed to in Canada he is bound to think otherwise.

It is true all Tamil Tigers were Tamil, but not all Tamils are Tigers. Not everyone thought that a mono-ethnic state was the answer to discriminatory practises which existed 60 years ago.

Today Sri Lanka's two national languages are Tamil and Sinhalese. Any discrimination in government law or policy has now been thrown out. Sri Lanka did have teething problems when the British left. Most former colonies faced similar issues in governance. That does not mean Tamils and Sinhalese have hatred for each other.

The 1983 race riots in Sri Lanka were no different to Canada's own ethnic riots from 1933. Have we forgotten Christie Pits? Rae claiming that there is/was a conflict between the Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka is as stupid as me saying that 'Pit Gang' members represented all of Canada's non Jews.

Rae needs to speaks to non-Tiger historians who can educate him on Sri Lanka, or he will continue to make enemies on the island.

People will continue to question his support for democracy over his need for Tamil votes.

"We all know what the last several months have brought for the Tamil population in Sri Lanka," Rae went on to say.

He wasn't talking about the fact that the Tamils on the island now have a genuine chance at democracy, or the power to vote and elect their own. The Tigers were self appointed leaders of the Tamils who killed any Tamil politician that chose a non violent path to Tamil representation.

The Tigers also turned down a federal solution at the negotiating table. A solution which they claimed to have been fighting for.

When nothing positive comes out of Rae's mouth in regards to Sri Lanka, it strikes an eerie resemblance to what the pro-Tiger Tamils of Toronto are saying these days. They also want to portray doom for Tamils without the Tigers.

If Rae is referring to the 260,000 Tamils displaced in camps. He then has made no mention of the over three million other Tamils on the island. They continue to lead normal lives.

"The Liberal party stands firmly on a platform of tolerance, freedom and multiculturalism," Rae added. Which then raises the question: Why didn't Rae or his party openly condemn what the Tigers wanted?

They fought for a mono-ethnic Tamil state (Eelam) void of any other ethnic group. They fought to segregate Tamils from the rest of the island.

Rae says the Harper approach did nothing restore peace in Sri Lanka. In fact it did. Last time I checked Bob, there is no war in Sri Lanka. That only happened because the Harper government didn't join the Tamil Tiger protesters and promise to negotiate with the Sri Lankan government on behalf of a terror movement.

If the Liberals were in power during the final days of the Lankan conflict. It's safe to say they would have forced Sri Lanka into a ceasefire and the Tigers would have fled into the nearby jungles to take Sri Lanka back into war.

I ask again, will Bob Rae and the Liberals use the same approach when it comes to the Al-Qaeda? Will Rae advocate some power sharing agreement between those terrorist, the Taliban and the Afghan government?

The Tamil Tigers were always terrorist. Just condemning their actions and then asking a Sri Lankan government to negotiate with terrorist does not equate to working towards peace? Sri Lanka attempted for years to negotiate. Asking a democratically elected government to do what the Toronto Tamils want is not the solution. The Tigers only wanted to used the Liberals to buy time to flee and re-arm. The Liberals just wanted their vote.

Bob Rae (National Post)

Diasporas are a phenomenon of their own that cannot be legislated to cut all ties with their home country, nor should they be. Canada was built on a foundation of multiculturalism and freedom, and we wouldn't want it any other way.
Cutting terrorist funding is not asking any Diaspora to cut ties with their home country. It's enforcing the law. It shouldn't be hard if you don't have votes on your mind.

Does Rae know about the Sinhalese students at Jaffna university who were stoned by Tamil thugs in 1971? I doubt it.

If he did know about it, would he say that those Tamil thugs who carried out the stoning represented all Tamils on the island?

That's how trivial he has made the Sri Lankan conflict. It is not about Sinhalese Vs Tamils in Sri Lanka. There are extremist on both sides but the Tigers waged war on all Sri Lankans.

One party in Sri Lanka's war was a democratically elected government who represent the interest of all Sri Lankans. Not just Sinhalese.

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