Five Sri Lankan Tamils charged with murder in Norway.

Five Sri Lankan Tamil men have been charged with murder at the Oslo court in Norway, and face up to 14 years in prison.

The men were convicted on Thursday - 9th July 2009, for killing 20-year-old Ramanan Vivekananthan in Oslo on 12 August 2007.

Norway News
The political motivated group involved in the attack, which consisted of around 10 men, traveled from France and Germany to Kalbakken area in Oslo, specifically to attack the Mr.Ramanan armed with samurai swords, pickaxe handles, guns and other weaponry.

Once in Oslo they ambushed a group of six men in Kalbakken, area.

The victim was struck on the head and body by a Gun shot, and when he fell to the ground both 'Jaffna ganger' and 'Psycho' attacked him with the swords attempting to behead him.

While the five were found guilty of murder charges, were the five other convicted for bodily under particularly aggravating circumstances, and with the fatal result.

The incident was a culmination of an almost two-year-old conflict between two rival gangs in the Tamil community in Oslo.

It involved a planned settlement, and several of the accused was obtained from abroad as "reinforcements." In the Court's ruling states that "the murder was carried out in a brutal and ruthless way, the more the community, and by the use of particularly dangerous weapons, and against a 19-year-old boy who was killed on the ground."

Some of the men convicted had fled Norway, and the Norwegian police tracked the criminals down as far as France.

One of the men found guilty was arrested at his place of employment in France. He worked at Disneyland, Paris.


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