IMF backs Sri Lanka on loan despite human rights concerns

IMF mission chief to Sri Lanka, Brian Aitken, explained to reporters about the logic behind approving a $2.6 Billion loan amid worries over human rights issues in Sri Lanka.

"The balance of payments crisis sounds rather dry but it really would have a devastating impact on the economy and on the people, particularly the most vulnerable," Aitken told reporters.

The US, Britain, Germany, France, Argentina, and Human Rights Watch needs to explain to us how opposing a loan to a developing nation (during a global recession) would help in regards to human rights abuses? How does it help those who have suffered the most? What kind of awareness will a financial crisis in Sri Lanka bring to human rights abuses?

What kind of 'human rights friendly' strategy does the US and UK adopt in Afghanistan when they drop huge bombs that wipes out an entire household just to kill one Al Qaeda insurgent?

This is war. The rights of some will inevitably be squashed. This is why we should oppose war and not choose it.

Can any of the above mentioned nations explain how they would go about containing 280,000 people displaced by war? How do you prevent the Tamil Tigers from re-grouping and taking Sri Lanka back in to war when over 10,000 combatants have been hiding among the displaced?

The containment of these people was required. This was Asia's longest running civil war, and the Tamil Tigers forcibly recruited one child from every household over the last 20 years. There are no tried and tested strategies. This is a first for Sri Lanka and this is a first for every humanitarian in Sri Lanka.

Every nation accusing Sri Lanka of human rights abuses must remember that they themselves are no shining example.

This out dated mentality of 'oppose to get your point across' has never ever worked. Thus far Sri Lanka has only paid close attention to it's allies. Not those who dictate terms to her.

Aitken said none of the IMF funding would be directed through the government budget. Instead, the entire loan is going toward rebuilding the central banks currency reserves, which have been drained by the collapse in global trade that has affected the country's mainstay garment industry.

"The hope is that the loan provides a framework in which multilateral and bilateral donors can support the reconstruction effort directly," he added.

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