Is Israel behind the sacking of Dayan Jayatilleka?

Why did Sri Lanka decide against extending the contract of Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, it's ambassador at the UN?

Jayatilleka was instrumental in fighting off Tamil Tiger funded lobbyist, while also being responsible for the UN Human Rights Council's decision to adopt resolution L.1/Rev.2.

[Video] Dayan Jayatilleka at the United Nations Human Rights Council Eleventh session - 2009

When news first spread that Dayan's contract was not being renewed, the first to rejoice were the Tigers and their henchmen. The Tamil Tigers knew all too well what a tough adversary Jayatilleka was. That's exactly why Tamil Tiger funded "Humanitarian" Arjunan Ethirveerasingam almost had a mini orgasm when he heard the news.

In the screenshot above: In Arjunan Ethirveerasingam's Twitter page he links to an article which mentions Dayan's sacking, followed by the words "absolutely LOVING this news..."

Not extending Jayatilleka's contract is indeed good news for the extremist who want you to think Sri Lanka is doomed.

So why did Sri Lanka give Dayan Jayatilleka the boot? Rajapakse's administration assured him previously that his contract was to be extended till 2010? Why the change of heart?

No official statement has been made yet explaining the move. That has paved the way for a lot of speculation. Some say Dayan Jayatilleka's criticism of Israel's bombing of Gaza has come back to bite him in the ass.

In a speech at the UN Human Rights Council Special Session on Gaza, he addressed the council in a strongly worded statement that condemned the atrocities committed on the people of Gaza by Israel.

Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka. Photo courtesy The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN Office in Geneva.

"Mr. President, the atrocities committed on the innocent people of Gaza should not be permitted to be obscured, obfuscated by lies, deception, half-truths and selective reordering of facts and chronology," said Dayan in his speech at the UN.

These comments understandably infuriated the Israelis who in the past have supported Sri Lanka in it's fight against the Tamil extremist.

It has to be said though that Dayan's comments on Gaza were made months ago. It must also be known that the Sri Lankans and the Palestinians also share close ties. Dayan's comments in support of the people of Gaza may not have been his own views, but the view of the Sri Lankan government as a whole.

That then leaves us with the other theory.

Initially websites and blogs, which aren't particularly fond of Rajapakse, claimed that Dayan Jayatilleka's sacking had a lot to do with his support of the 13th amendment. When in fact there was nothing to conclusive connect it to the termination of the contract.

Dayan Jayatilleka is not the only member of the Rajpakse administration to favour devolution of power to the provinces? Those who oppose the current administration would like you to think that the government is shying away from a political process, and that Dayan Jayatilleka was sacked due to his support of the 13th amendment.

Dayan told the Hindu that he didn't have the "foggiest idea" why his contract was not extended.

In reality until an official statement is made no one knows.

Losing Dayan at the UN is an irreversible loss. For his contribution, I am grateful. I wish him nothing but the best.

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