Matthew Russell Lee ... who???

Matthew Russell Lee is pretty upset that no one told him about the conference call held for the media by IMF's Yoshiko Kamata and Brian Aitken.

Matthew seems greatly saddened by the fact that other reporters were given the chance to speak with Brian Aitken at the press - conference call, and he wasn't invited.

Yeah..I know..Matthew who?

Matthew Russell Lee considers himself to be an "investigative reporter," but from his coverage of Sri Lanka, he appears more like a puppet on a string.

Listen to this:

"While the International Monetary Fund speaks of its transparency, and the government of Sri Lanka brags about releasing its Letter of Intent to the IMF, the Technical Memorandum of Understanding for the IMF's contested $2.6 billion loan to the Rajapakse regime is still being withheld, and the IMF won't even confirm .." - Source.

A press release from Sri Lanka's Central Bank, which stated that they had handed over the Letter of Intent to the IMF, is called "bragging."

This man is passionately pissed off with Sri Lanka. Does he not know every problem Sri Lanka has been plagued with is not just a Sri Lankan problem? Every developing nation is plagued with such issues. Does he think the situation in Sri Lanka is as a result of the "Rajapakse regime?"

Does he not know that for the last 30 years Sri Lanka has been plagued with the same problems, just under a different leadership? It's possible he doesn't understand the aftermath of war. Of course there will be displaced. Sri Lanka was at war for 30 years. Where was Matthew two years ago? Why did his concern, coverage, and scrutiny of Sri Lanka intensify when the Tamil Tigers were facing defeat?

Someone tell this man that there are 660,000 refugees (displaced persons) in Sri Lanka. Some displaced by the Tsunami, and not all Tamil. Tell him that in a nation where lawless states remained in the control of a terror group, the slaying of journalist could be carried out by any party, and not just the government.

Matthew can somehow justify opposing a loan to a developing nation because he has a list of journalist who have been killed in Sri Lanka since 2004.

Matthew Russell Lee
..prior to the IMF vote, but before the letter to the IMF was released, the government gave itself space to continue to detain some additional 30,000 to 60,000 people past the previously committed deadline. The UN has nothing to say, and the IMF is giving $2.6 billion to the government.

Some call it an IMF reward for the extended detention of political prisoners -- apparently the IMF would look favorably on the internment -- and opacity or delayed release -- practices of Myanmar and North Korea.
He calls the displaced "political prisoners."

So, wacky nut job conspiracy theorist, or paid sock puppet on a sinister mission? Just going by everything I've read from Lee on Sri Lanka, in the last several months, and the fact that he operates on donations, pushes me more towards thinking that he is a paid puppet on a smear campaign.

After all Tamil National, a website with a pro-Tiger agenda, seemed very interested in the fact that Matthew could be tagging along with Ban Ki-moon to Sri Lanka. I doubt that ever materialised. I haven't read anywhere that Matthew flew to Sri Lanka, or that he would ever be allowed into Sri Lanka.

I do feel sorry for the guy. He thinks he is constantly getting short changed, been given half answers, and that the 'man' is out to get him.

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