SOS Children's Villages needs your assistance to help displaced Tamil children in Sri Lanka

Photo courtesy SOS Children's Villages.

SOS Children has launched an emergency appeal for funds to finance helping refugee children after fighting in Sri Lanka. SOS has been working in Sri Lanka for 29 years and so far is the only organisation that has been invited to visit the area and start work for children.

Senior staff of SOS Sri Lanka have been able to visit the northern part in Vavuniya. Vavuniya is also the area where SOS had programmes in early 1990 for about 5 years or so helping the community rebuild their lives. There are hundreds of unaccompanied children in the camps in immediate need of help and care.

In view of the immediate need facing children in the camps for "internally displaced people" (refugees) SOS Children has gone ahead with programmes to help using our reserves despite the global financial crisis which has put our funding under considerable stress.

We have been given permission by the government to operate on a ten acre site near the camp and started putting up an emergency shelter to house 450 children (concentrating on orphans and those separated from family). This is happening as we write and we are organising structures, basic sanitation, food, medicine, basic clothes and some toys for the first 450 children.

Now we are appealing for financial help and launching an Emergency Appeal. It goes without saying that there is a contrast between our approach and approach of asking for funds before having any means to help. Now we hope those concerned about the fate of lone children in the refugee camps will not hesitate to help us.

To donate to the Sri Lankan Emergency Appeal please donate here writing "Sri Lanka" on the instruction field or back of the cheque. We undertake that 100% of all funds received for this emergency appeal will be transferred and used to pay for this programme without any deductions.

(SOS Children's Villages press release posted in full here.)

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