Sri Lanka threatens to jail those guilty of breeding mosquitoes

Photo by World Bank Photo Collection under a creative Commons license.

Dengue needs your urgent attention. In Sri Lanka, it is more of a threat than Swine Flu, and it needs more exposure than Micheal Jackson.

If you are a blogger write about it. People are dying at a startling rate and we need to spread awareness. Recently, fellow Sri Lankan blogger, Delilah, lost a family member to the disease.

According to the BBC, 160 people have died this year. That's twice as many deaths compared to last year.

The government has threatened people with jail time for breeding mosquitoes.

"What does breeding mosquitoes mean?"

Look in your backyard, or your own garden. Look for anything that will store water. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes, and a small puddle of stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground.

Photo by by Abeer J. Chaudhri under a Creative Commons license.

Dengue is spread by mosquitoes. Click here to find out more about Dengue, how to identify symptoms, and how it is treated.

In Sri Lanka, the government and the local municipality is the biggest part of the problem. While we spread awareness, the poorly designed canals and garbage dumps are the largest breeding grounds.

Photo by aka_lusi under a Creative Commons license.

The Wellawatte canal located next to St. Peter's College is a prime example. It is a poorly designed canal which is heavily polluted. The point where the canal meets the sea is shallow, and actually sucks in sea water as opposed to flowing into the sea.

This creates a huge pool of stagnated water further up the canal which is teeming with bacteria and floating garbage. A great place to find mosquito larvae.

I wonder if any arrest warrants will be issued to mayors and municipality officials for breeding mosquitoes.