Sri Lankan Major General Jagath Dias, a war criminal?

A Sri Lankan soldier carries a Tamil child to safety during the final offensive against the Tigers on 17 May 2009. Photo courtesy Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence.

If you thought the Tamil Tiger influenced protests, street blockades, and the general inconvenience to local communities are a thing of the past. Think again.

The Local (Germany)

Hundreds of Tamil activists protested the Sri Lankan government’s new choice for deputy ambassador to Germany in Frankfurt on Monday, alleging that Major General Jagath Dias is a war criminal.
When contacted, Amnesty International said they has no record of war crimes charges, or any such allegations against General Jagath Dias on file.

According to the Tamil Tigers every member of Sri Lankan armed forces is a 'war criminal', or a 'rapist'. They are all complicit in this alleged Genocide, or they are all war criminals. Genocide is the extreme point of view the pro Tamil Tiger diaspora carries in regards to the defeat of the Tigers.

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That's not too surprising considering the Tigers were the defeated party.

What's surprising is how the Tigers still have considerable influence on the minds of everyday Tamils.

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The Sri Lankan government recently held a press conference, where the doctors from the war zone stated they had been forced - by the Tigers - to exaggerate casualty figures in order to garner international sympathy. A ceasefire was the only way out for the cornered rebel leaders. Holding 300,000 Tamils against their will as a human shield was their bargaining tool.

There were serious doubts raised about the doctors' statements. The international media claimed it was all under duress.

Below is the view of the Indian Magazine, The Frontline.


True, several questions have been raised on the propriety of parading the doctors inside the conference room of a publicity wing of the government. But their disclosures brought to light the sordid methods used by the Tigers in the last days of the war to show the government and the Sri Lankan military in a poor light.

Significantly, the doctors and their families all emerged unscathed from the war zone despite all the talk of genocide.

So why do the Tigers want German Tamils of Sri Lankan descent to send their wives and daughters on the street to protest Dias' appointment?

The Nation
Major General Jagath Dias, who commanded 57 Division that captured Tiger bastions of Tampane, Periyatampane, Periyamadu, Palampiddi, Tunukkai Mallawi and Kilinochchi up to Vishwamadu, has been appointed as Deputy Ambassador to Sri Lanka’s embassy in Berlin. Major General Udaya Perera, who functioned as Director Operations of the Army, had already been appointed as Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commissioner for Malaysia.

This was the first time that Army Officers have been appointed to diplomatic positions while in active service. The main task entrusted to these officers is to counter anti-Sri Lanka terrorist forces active or likely to become active in the countries to which they have been posted.

This is the first time Sri Lanka has taken such an active role in countering Tiger front organisations and their smear campaign against Sri Lanka. That is likely the reason for these protests, and not war crimes, or genocide.

Lenin Benedict, a Sri Lankan Tamil, speaks about how he is treated as a Tamil in Sri Lanka. He also talks of the intent behind the global Tamil protests and who was behind them.

'1400 Tamils dying every week in camps'

The Times of London has been so engulfed with information from 'anonymous sources,' that it continues to publish false claims of large scale deaths of Tamils on the island. Notice the pop-up ads when you click on the Times link. Ad revenue from Tamils who continue to read only news about the so called 'genocide' of their people is big bucks these days.

About 1,400 people are dying every week at the giant Manik Farm internment camp set up in Sri Lanka to detain Tamil refugees from the nation’s bloody civil war, senior international aid sources have told The Times. The shocking toll lends credence to allegations that the Government, which has termed the internment sites “welfare villages”, has actually constructed concentration camps to house 300,000 people, the paper said. Most of the deaths are the result of water-borne diseases, particularly diarrhoea, a senior relief worker told The Times on condition of anonymity.

Tamilnet's mere existence now relies heavily on republishing news which portrays total doom for the Tamils on the island sans their 'protectors', the Tigers. Without the Tigers it has no sources on the island, nor does it have the fully functioning political wing (propaganda dept.) of the Tigers.

Indi Samarajiva who regularly visits the camp, and shows no particular fondness to the current administration, has posted a more reliable view of deaths in the refugee camps in Vavuniya.

What is reassuring to me is that none of it is made up with commercial interest behind it. This is a real source, not The Times of London and it's anonymous aid workers, or pop-up advertising.

The Times of London published an IDP death rate of 1,400 per week, or about 200 a day. This was sourced to ’senior international aid sources’. Which is nonsense journalism, like their 20,000 body count based on a few photos from a helicopter. Not that the government is forthcoming enough, but people will actually answer questions if you’re not a dick about it. I checked with actual sources and that number is completely made-up. The WHO and NGOs have already been briefed with a different set of numbers from the Ministry Of Health, coming from doctors in the field. For any journalist with some basic contacts, this information is not hard to find. The real number of deaths is something like 5-6 per day.

The highest I saw (since May) was 17. So, not 200. Perhaps these numbers are lies, I dunno, but they’re documented and it still holds up better than conjecture from an anonymous source. These are numbers from the Ministry Of Health, presented to the WHO and NGOs. I can’t release the source document cause I just saw it on a computer but I’m told they’re issuing a press release soon. Again, these numbers could be wrong, but they’re at least somehow connected to reality rather than conjecture.

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