Sri Lankan man sets fire to home because wife refused to cook him lunch

Rajah Theivendradas attempted to burn down his house with his wife and daughters still inside because his wife refused to make him lunch.

Angry his wife had failed to make him lunch, Rajah Theivendradas, 54, poured petrol on a staircase of his Endeavour Hills home and set it alight in May last year.

His wife Vasantha and daughters Ambiga, 21, and Anoja, 16, were forced to flee through the flames, the Victorian County Court heard.

The mother's nightgown caught fire as did Ambiga's pants.
The 54 year old Sri Lankan Tamil has been jailed for four years by the Victorian County Court. His wife and daughter suffered minor burns.

Judge John Nixon told the court that Theivendradas was "out of control but not psychiatrically disturbed".

As the saying goes, "a hungry man is an angry man."

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