Sri Lanka's national Zoo now a national shame

The Sunday Leader has printed shocking allegations of animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse at the Dehiwala Zoo

Sunday Leader
Visitors including foreign tourists have complained that animal cages are filthy and animals look depressed, sick and malnourished. The huge waterfall at the entrance to the zoo flows into a large pond with filthy water. At the time The Sunday Leader visited the zoo a dead fish could also be seen floating on the water. The future sure looked bleak for the remaining fish in the pond. The Dehiwala zoo’s gate collection is between Rs. 3 - 4 million per month. However the treatment of animals still remains bad.
The Sunday Leader also claims that several animals have died in recent times including a Hippopotamus, a Lion, two MeerKats, Deer, all the Penguins.

Sunday Leader
A number of spotted deer also died some time ago when they were manhandled by zoo keepers. The Sunday Leader learns that these deer were to be taken to a stall at the Deyata Kirula exhibition. When zoo keepers tried to catch these animals many of them had died due to fright.
According to the Sunday Leader the Penguins starved to death when workers went on strike.

If true this is a national tragedy and Zoo Director Duminda Jayaratne along with other officials at the Zoo must be held accountable.

Click here to contact the Dehiwala Zoo. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to contact the director or the highest authority and express your shock and dismay.

I, however, took a look on Flickr for images of animals from the Dehiwala Zoo. I found several taken just months ago. Most of the animals look to be in decent shape.

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