Tamil Tigers raised $12 million a year from Canada

A secret intelligence report released to the National Post of Canada, under the Access to Information Act, has revealed a startling fact. Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada channelled as much as $12 million a year - to the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) - for the purpose of funding the purchase of weapons, explosives, and suicide bombs.

National Post
"Canada's Tamil community has been among the LTTE's largest sources of funds, having contributed up to $10-to $12-million annually in past years," the report says.
Credit must be given where it is due. Stephen Harper's Conservatives did not bow down to the money, nor the votes, as MPs from the Liberal party and NDP did. Unlike Bob Rae, the Conservatives did not pamper the interest of a community striving to carve out a mono-ethnic state in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to the Canadian government the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) were dealt several significant blows. Their funding sources and their front organisations (charities and Tamil community organisations) were shut down, and the terror movement's henchmen found themselves behind bars.

In England the picture is contrastingly different. The British government, under pressure to appease thousands of protesters, attempted to force Sri Lanka into stopping it's war on the Tamil Tigers.

Furthermore, Tamil Tiger front organisations like the British Tamil Forum were allowed to carry out fundraising for the Tamil Tigers, and also continue it's smear campaign on Sri Lanka unhindered.

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It's funny to see individuals like Suren Surendiran, a hardcore supporter of the Tamil Tigers, being given a voice on behalf of all Tamils. It's hilarious to see the British press - influenced by the Tigers' dollar - printing allegations of abuse, war crimes, mass graves, and hugely unrealistic Tamil fatality figures in order to paint a picture of doom for Tamils, in a Sri Lanka without the Tigers.

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The pressure exerted on the Sri Lankan government by British MPs and aid groups, acting on such reports from the British press, is what cracks me up the most.

In time, when the displaced return home, and some normalcy is returned, the international media will have the opportunity to speak with them.

Truth eventually prevails. That's when individuals like MIA, Jananayagam, Surendiran, Poopalapillai, Ethirveerasingam, and their Tamil Tiger backed organisations will be exposed.

God willing, I will be here to ask them, "Where is this genocide you spoke of?"

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When senior leaders of the Tamil tigers were cornered and facing defeat, the Tiger sympathisers wanted you to think there was genocide taking place in Sri Lanka. They thought the UN and the international community would pressure Sri lanka into stopping it's offensive against the LTTE.

"The government has been preventing humanitarian aid, in adequate quantities, to go to these areas [Tamil Tiger controlled territory] for the last 18 months or so...so that's against humanitarian and international law.. and amounts to War Crimes and Genocide." - Arjunan Ethirveerasingam's response to the SUNTV correspondent when she mentions to him that the Tamil Tigers are considered terrorist by various countries around the world. [Source]

"..being the only Tamil in the Western media, I have a really great opportunity to sort of bring forward what's going on in Sri Lanka. Like my success, it just seems to parallel the situation in Sri Lanka -- the more successful I'm getting, the dire the situation in Sri Lanka's getting. And there's a genocide going on.." - MIA on the Tavis Smiley Show - PBS. [Source]

"As a Tamil group, what we like to see is official acceptance that genocide is on going in Sri Lanka. We think that understanding the problem is the key to the solution. We think that lot of NGOs have come out and talked about genocide there." - Janani 'Jan' Jananayagam speaking to the BBC as the spokesperson for Tamils Against Genocide (an organisation which represents the interest of the Tamil Tigers.) [Source]

"Tamils in Sri Lanka have been discriminated by successive governments since independence in 1948. It is widely acknowledged that what is happening in Sri Lanka is genocide. The genocide of a people means that the security of those people cannot be left to the perpetrating government itself. It then follows that some form of separation and self determination for the Tamils in the long term is unavoidable." - Suren Surendiran, in an article titled 'Genocide in Sri Lanka.' [Source]

"The military defeat of our struggle is just the beginning of another phase in our struggle for a Tamil Eelam," David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress proclaims his support for the Tamil Tigers in public. [Source]

"He said the 300,000-strong community will wear black dress to mourn the victims of the Sri Lankan genocide." - The Times of India quotes David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress, as he claims Genocide is taking place in Sri Lanka. [Source]

I bet none of the above mentioned individuals have made a public statement about the recent release of all senior citizens aged 60+ at the camps for the displaced.

Those who accused Sri Lanka of genocide didn't just piss off Mahinda Rajapakse and his government? They ticked off everyone on the island. They told the world genocide was taking place in Sri Lanka, and the rest of us non-Sinhalese were doing nothing to stop it. That's basically implying that, to some degree, we were all in on it.

It's not just one ethnic group that dislikes the Tamil Tigers on the island. You don't have to be Sinhalese to hate a suicide bomber who just killed innocent people at a train station. Innocent lives lost all over the island due to some one's need for a Tamil only homeland.

$12 million a year from Canada, and several million more from from places like Australia where the Tigers are yet to be banned. The money poured in to fund the deaths of thousands, including countless Tamils.

I wonder how much money these very individuals have donated to charities for the well being of the displaced Tamils since the fall of the Tigers. I bet it's not much because the charities have to make public appeals for donations to help our Tamil brethren.

That's the irony of the whole thing. Peace is peace. Everyone enjoys the end of hostilities. Even the defeated. Yet, Tamils outside of Sri Lanka continue to add to the plight of their own with unjustified criticism. Instead, they should look to assist the government and aid in the resettlement process.

$12 million Canadian Dollars can help de-mine, build roads, and provide electricity to war torn Tamil areas which the Tigers neglected for years. This blind opposition of the Sri Lankan state will bring little, or no results.

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