'Tha Prophecy' called Eelam

The song is about the 'liberation struggle' for a mono-ethnic homeland for Tamils, called Tamil Eelam.

The group which waged war against successive elected governments in Sri Lanka, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, are considered a terrorist organisation by the US, Canada and EU.

The fight is for a homeland devoid of any other race, but the Tamil race. The leader is wanted by Interpol for crimes against humanity.

Can someone tell me the difference between the above video and the one below?

What was Adolf Hitler's reasoning for killing Jews? Nazi Germany and the Nazis had a vision of an Aryan German race that did not include Jews and other ethnic groups.

Yeeeyyyahhh, so let's keep singing for Eelam. Let's throw aside common sense.

Let's pretend not to be racist. Let's equate our needs to that of the noble Martin Luther King's non violent freedom struggle.

The only reason Eelam ever existed was because of the very same government you claim to be fighting against for your 'freedom'.


Although the guerrillas boast of a parallel administration, it cannot survive without the Sri Lankan state, said former Tamil militant-turned-politician Dharmalingam Sithadthan.

Doctors, teachers and all other public servants working in areas under rebel control are paid by the Sri Lankan government but must take orders from the local Tiger area commanders.

"This is the price the Sri Lankan government pays for sovereignty," said Sithadthan. "Those people have two bosses. Their paymaster is the state, but they take orders from Tigers."

Sithadthan said the LTTE's de facto state would collapse like a pack of cards if the government stopped supplies.

"What the LTTE has is military control. They have stopped the security forces and police entering their areas, but they can't do without the public servants of the government."

I admit though. These guys - Prophecy and Senthuran - have some skills. But it would suit them best, if they want to make a career out of it, to leave the Tigers and the pretty obviously racist Eelam state out of their music.

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