Two Sri Lankan men arrested for rape in the UK

Two Sri Lankan Tamil men were jailed today in Hampshire - England, for raping a 21 year old woman. The pair faces eight and a half years behind bars for the shocking assault.

Tharumaseelam Thangavel (27 year old) and Arunan Thanabalasingam (30) offered the young student a ride home after a night out. They then drove her back to their home, and despite her numerous pleas to let her go, they took turns raping her.

Expect to see the two on the UK's sex offender's registry. Which means they will have to notify police of their whereabouts at all times - FOREVER.

The News (Portsmouth)

The jury took just three hours to convict both men of rape.

The victim added: "I was so relieved when I heard they had been found guilty. I felt that everything I had done had been worth it.

I'm pleased that they will be in prison for a long time – although I just wish it was forever. "

"These men have no feelings. They don't seem to care about what they have done. I want to get on with my life now and never think about them again."

Police today praised the woman's courage.

Detective Sergeant Sue Murray said: "The victim in this case deserves huge credit for the courage she has shown throughout this ordeal.

She was in the witness box for nearly three days giving evidence, which was incredibly tough for her."

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