Two Sri Lankan Tamils arrested in the UK with fake passports and ID cards

Sivabalan Durai and Sakthivel Sanjeevan, two Sri Lankan nationals whose application for refugee status had been turned down, were arrested at a glass factory in Great Britain.

Both men were found to be working illegally for a glass manufacturer. The company, Super Toughened Glass, now faces hefty fines for recruiting illegal immigrants.

Interestingly, police found a fake French passport, two forged National Insurance cards, two UK passports and a driving licence in the possession of Sivabalan Durai.

The discovery of multiple forged travel documents is sure to worry the UK immigration authorities and Scotland Yard.

It is not everyday that forged international travel documents, both local and foreign, are found in the possession of genuine refugees.

In the last two months (June, July) twelve Tamils of Sri Lankan descent have been arrested, or charged with various crimes around the globe. Some face charges for murder, rape, causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder, maliciously throwing acid with intent to maim, and terrorism.

I, however, am now accused of reaching a new low. I'm said to be heading towards Debbie Schlussel like lows, according to fellow Sri Lankan Blogger Nayagan. All because I chose to highlight these crimes. These weren't merely crimes committed by Tamils?

These were crimes committed by Sri Lankan Tamils. It's not everyday that Sri Lankans get arrested in America on terrorism charges? It's not everyday that Sri Lankans get charged for causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder in Australia.

Here's the thing though, I have Tamil friends who live in Toronto. Some I know from Sri Lanka, and some I met in my travel to Canada. They don't hide their support for the Tigers from me. They understand that I don't agree, but that plays no part in our friendship. We rarely discuss politics, war, or Sri Lanka.

Having known these lads for several years, I know all too well that those who align themselves with the Tigers have a totally diverse view of crime. Some crime, be it petty, is completely acceptable. Revenge is honourable. A Tamil suicide bomber (Black Tiger) is a martyr.

The thinking above is well beyond the norms of today's society. Unless someone points it out, I doubt anyone will begin to pay the issue any prominence.

Tamil women around the world must play a more active role in the activities of their sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands. Encourage your communities to move away from violence and extremist ideals.

I know I will be accused of grossly exaggerating the issue, or even generalising it too much because I fused a law and order issue, with an ethnicity. I will be called a racist, or even be accused of being Sinhalese again.

But no mention of the issue at hand will be raised by those crying foul and calling me names.

For three decades the Tamil Diaspora turned a human bomb into a symbol of hope. Fraud and crime, if it was for their cause was acceptable. Credit card scams and theft for Eelam's cause was OK.

Today the repercussions of that mentality is taking it's toll. I think it's time the problem is addressed. If you don't consider it a problem, consider this: In 2009 all Sri Lankan nationals outside of the island, faced with manslaughter charges, have been Tamil youth.

This is not me blaming the ethnicity. It is me blaming the Tamil Tigers, and their influence on Sri Lankan Tamils, for the plight of these youth.

(Photo by Chris Fleming used here under a Creative Commons license.)

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