UK relaxes travel advisory on Sri Lanka

Photo by Byflickr via Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

The British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Dr Peter Hayes, has announced that a previously enforced travel advisory to Sri Lanka has now been relaxed.


“I am pleased to announce that we have relaxed the restrictions on travel suggested in the advice we give to British visitors coming to Sri Lanka,” said the British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Dr Peter Hayes.

“We no longer discourage British holidaymakers from enjoying leopard-spotting at Yala National Park, surfing at Arugam Bay or admiring Trincomalee harbour, one of the world’s deepest natural ports. We’ve taken this decision based on our assessment of the improving security situation in these parts of Sri Lanka.”

Trust the Telegraph to also highlight the apprehensions of individuals who have probably never set foot in Sri Lanka. In case you planned on visiting Sri Lanka in hopes of finding a protest, the Telegraph advises you against it.

Although no protests have so far been directed at the British community more generally, you should be vigilant and avoid demonstrations.
In reality, the chances are, you'll find violent demonstrations in England on your way to Sri Lanka, than you would in Sri Lanka. One would be well advised to follow the comments of the British High Commissioner who is actually in Sri Lanka, than the opinions of the Telegraph correspondent Adrian Bridge.

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