US to assist Sri Lanka in speeding up resettlement of displaced Tamils

America's Charge d’Affaires in Sri Lanka, James R. Moore, reaffirmed U.S. commitment towards the speedy resettlement of Sri Lanka's displaced.

"Today, the United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, is officially handing over our most recent donation of food relief. This food donation will provide temporary relief to approximately 300,000 displaced persons in the camps and will support their return to their homes as safely and quickly as possible," said Moore in his speech at the 'Food for Peace' Handover Ceremony.

Moore went on to say that the U.S. government supported Sri Lanka's desire to return the displaced "safely" and "rapidly."

"By returning people quickly to their homes with resources so that they can become self-sufficient, the need for food aid will ultimately be significantly reduced. My government is also committed to providing significant assistance in the critically important area of demining," he added.

"Important though they are, demining and early returns of the IDPs are only part of the process. Following this long and violent conflict, the initiation of specific measures to achieve reconciliation and greater power sharing with – and increased political participation by -- minority communities is also critically important," said Moore.

The full transcript of the speech can be found on the official US embassy website, located here.

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