Video: DEADLINE IRAQ: Uncensored stories of war

Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

This video documents a war correspondent's view of the cold hard realities of war.

In the Iraqi's case, they did nothing wrong. The United States of America, under George W. Bush, was determined to wage war on Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

The reasoning for the Iraq war have all now been proven to be false. Colin Powell sat in front of the UN security council and fed them a bunch of lies. He showed the UN satellite images and fancy 3D simulation of alleged mobile chemical weapons plants. Powell convinced the world Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and Iraq needed to be brought to it's knees.

The video below will give you a clear understanding of the level of destruction the Americans have inflicted on Iraq and it's people.

It also gives us an insight into the selfish, career minded lives of some journalist, who crave for war for the betterment of their own careers.

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