Video: New information on Saddam Hussein emerges

New details have emerged about Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president, after the FBI released secret interview notes taken while he was in US custody.

According to the FBI, Saddam misled the world into believing Iraq had weapons of mass destruction because he considered Iran - not the US - as the biggest security threat to his country.

Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied to the world. Their reasoning for attacking Iraq were all complete lies. They must not go unpunished. No law was ever created to protect such individuals.

Saddam Hussein was an evil man. He deserved to pay for what he had done, but not at the price Iraqi citizens have had to pay.

The invasion of Iraq has left the entire nation and region in turmoil. The looting of the Baghdad museum, when Iraq became a lawless state after US invasion, is a loss for all mankind.

The Guardian

When, back in mid-April, the news first arrived of the looting at the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad, words hardly failed anyone. No fewer than 170,000 items had, it was universally reported, been stolen or destroyed, representing a large proportion of Iraq's tangible culture. And it had all happened as some US troops stood by and watched, and others had guarded the oil ministry.
It's now called a crime against history. The looters stole and destroyed over 170,000 items. Most are now gone forever. Some of the lost treasures date back 5000 years to the dawn of civilisation in and around Mesopotamia.

Some of the items missing were from ancient Babylon worth millions of dollars. The US stands accused of not protecting the museum, creating such a lawless state, and US soldiers have been accused of aiding international art thieves in stealing some of the most priceless items.

Photo by by sduffy under the Creative Commons license.

George Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq first claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. As it turned out, Iraq did not. Then they accused Saddam of supporting the Al Qaeda. The video above tells us that's not true. From Bin Laden's speeches we know he didn't like Saddam. In fact the US invasion of Iraq only aided Al Qaeda.

Before they never had a presence in Iraq because of Saddam. Today they are behind the prevailing chaos.

A nation was invaded. Countless lives were lost. Today Iraq is in turmoil. Suicide bombs continue to kill the innocent.

Photo by Jari Carr under the Creative Commons license.

Bush and Cheney must be held accountable for the devastation and irreversible losses. They must, most of all, be held accountable for sending young men and women of the US armed forces to war for no apparent reason.

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