Video: Post Tsunami Mangrove Restoration in Sri Lanka


The video is part of the Global Nature Fund's project to restore mangrove forests and livelihoods in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami of 2004.

The project aims at the re-establishment of livelihoods of affected communities, restoration of Tsunami affected areas and long-term environmental education. The main target groups are about 1,000 families from poor communities in the lake areas of Bolgoda, Maduganga and Madampe in Sri Lanka. A central goal is to improve the peoples self-reliance, mitigate poverty effects, increase long-term access of people to sustainable use of natural resources and protect the local communities against potential disasters by the implementation of precautionary measures.

Among the main activities are the installation of mangrove nurseries, the re-plantation of damaged mangrove forests and the establishment and operation of regional education centres. The latter serves to educate and inform the local people of negative impacts from logging in forested areas and coral reef harvesting in order to reduce or avoid them as far as possible. The project results will be transferred to the Tsunami affected Pulicat region in India.

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