Global Revolution Church fails - Rifqa Bary to stay with foster care

A Florida judge has ruled that Rifqa Bary will be in the custody of foster care in Florida, and not with Blake Lorenz, the pastor who convinced the 17 year old to run away from her home and seek refuge with him after meeting her on Facebook.

Associated Press reports that at the hearing Rifqa had told the judge that she still loves her family, but she fears for her life.

Associated Press
Her father, Mohamed Bary, told the judge that Rifqa would be able to practice Christianity if she returned home.

"She is my daughter and I love her," he said. "I love her and want her to come home."

The teen's mother, Aysha, broke down and cried as she told the judge, "I love my daughter and need my daughter back."

The judge encouraged both sides to try resolve the custody issues and granted a request by Rifqa to visit with one of her brothers.

Before the next hearing, he said, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will finish investigating how the teen came to Florida and whether she is in any danger.

She disappeared July 19 and police used phone and computer records to track her to the Rev. Blake Lorenz, pastor of Orlando, Fla.-based Global Revolution Church. Authorities said the teen had met him through an online Facebook prayer group.

The girl has since been assigned to a foster family approved by the Florida Department of Children and Families and is not with Lorenz, authorities said.
This is a cruel blow to the Global Revolution Church and it's followers who have been on a crusade to paint this Sri Lankan family as a group of nut jobs, willing to kill their daughter, for the sake of 'honour'.

I bet if you give them some time they'll come up with "evidence" that Mr. Bary has weapons of mass destruction buried in his back yard. For Sri Lankans this is a complete joke. We know that honour killings are non-existent in our culture, or among our Muslims.

America's ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

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