Indian movie star Rajnikanth accused of having links to terrorist group

A Sri Lankan minister has revealed that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had bankrolled several influential Tamils in the United Kingdom, and channelled millions of dollars to fund Tamil movies.

Tamil movie star Rajnikanth's name has been mentioned as one actor who worked on what minister Badurdeen called, 'blood money.'

Asian Tribune
Turning to the Tamil film industry, the minister was categorical that the LTTE funded production of some Tamil films.

‘The money was not directly sent. Millions and millions of US dollars were given to a London based Tamilian. He was asked to produce Tamil films in Chennai with top stars like Rajnikanth’ ( in Kuselar and in the beginning with Robot later it changed hands and renamed as Enthiran,) he claimed and said ‘the aging super star received the blood money’. The minister did not say how much money was paid to Rajni. But merely said he was paid ‘lavishly’.

Risath Bathiyutheen added that many ‘individuals’ in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Malaysia and even India were given huge money to invest in business ventures, real estate business, and international shipping. LTTE money also found its way into the stock markets. ‘Most of these transactions were done in benami names’.
Many of Rajnikanth's movies glorify violence, suicide, and revenge.

In the video below Rajnikanth is seen giving a speech in favour of the Tamil Tigers and against the Sri Lankan government. At a time when the Tigers were facing defeat, and required international intervention to put an end to the military offensive. Rajnikanth promised to fast -- albeit for just one day -- for the plight of a terror movement.

Britain, France slam Tigers' 'human shield' use (ABC News)
Britain and France have jointly condemned Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka for using civilians as human shields.

They issued a statement claiming that rebels forcefully prevented civilians from leaving the conflict area.
Rajnikanth has never gone on record asking the Tamil Tigers to release the 300,000 women and children they held as a human shield. Rajni failed to appeal to Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran to fight like a brave man, and not hide behind the innocent.

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