Indians troops to help with resettlement efforts in Sri Lanka

India is set to send more Indian troops to the island to assist with de-mining operations, says the Times of India.

In July Sri Lanka's foreign Minister stated publicly that 60% of the displaced would be resettled within 180 days, despite previous assurance that 80% would be resettled.

“Logistics are a factor” in the delay, Bogollagama said yesterday on the Thai island of Phuket, where he attended a regional security forum. “We have to clear the area of land mines before we send people back to their respective villages.”
To speed up de-mining efforts over 80 former Indian troops - led by two retired army officers - will join several other international and local groups currently clearing mines in Sri Lanka. An Indian contingent, a Danish group, and a Sri Lankan de-mining team is already present on the island. With India's assistance, Sri Lanka hopes to speed up the process.

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