Millions of dollars donated to the 'Tamil cause' in Sri Lanka is missing

Selvarasa Pathmanathan (KP) was appointed as the new leader of the Tamil Tigers in July 2009. Shortly thereafter Pathmanathan was arrested in a South Asian country -- strongly rumoured to be Malaysia -- and is now in the custody of the Sri Lankan government.

He has now been in custody for 17 days.

The information revealed under interrogation has led to several arrests, and aided in the completion of several cold cases.

One such case is the assassination attempt on General Sarath Fonseka. It was headed nowhere, but with information obtained through KP, the authorities have pieced the puzzle, and apprehended a former Muslim chef who served as the Army chief's chosen cook.

The Tigers had bribed the chef to divulge information on Fonseka's movements. They also used the chef to gain entry into the Army headquarters.

A Superintendent of Police has also been arrested for aiding the Tigers. He helped them transport explosives in an attempt to assassinate president Rajapaksa. He too had taken thousands of Rupees in bribes from the Tigers.

Strangely none of this is as shocking as KP's revelation that most of the money donated by the Tamil Diaspora is missing. According to KP millions had been pocketed by "Nediyawan and his group".

The Nation
According to KP, the monies collected by the organisation from January 2009 to the end of the war, was immense and could have reached tens of millions, but even he claims not to know what happened to the money. It is now revealing that Nediyawan and his group that was involved in securing monies for the struggle, had been pocketing it all.

KP had indicated that he was unable to keep up with records of collections due to his involvement in getting international help. By 2002 KP had full control of all monies coming into their coffers, but it was taken out of his control and handed over to Pottu Amman and Castro who struggled against KP’s control, and the money was then placed in the charge of Nediyawan.

Prior to 2002 the collection exceeded $ 100 to 150 million per year. But he did not know what happened to those funds in the years 2002 to 2009.
There was some talk that Nediyawan [Nediyavan] would be appointed as the new leader of the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). However, the Daily Mirror reported that shortly after word spread of his appointment, as the movement's new leader, Penrinpanayagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan had been taken in for questioning by authorities in Norway.

Then this popped up on CNN's iReport. It's a photograph of two women, and the title claims that one of the two is Nediyawan's wife, and that she stated during a press conference that her husband will not be the new leader of the Tamil Tigers.

All very confusing, I know.

What's certain is that the money hard working Tamils donated to this terror movement is lost. A large percentage of the funds went into the pockets of unscrupulous individuals. It comes as no surprise. After all only unscrupulous criminals will forcibly recruit children to wage war.

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