Pathmanathan offers to co-operate with Sri Lanka

Rattled by an all Sri Lankan operation carried out on foreign soil, the Tamil Tigers' new leader, Selvarasa Pathmanathan (KP), has agreed to co-operate with Sri Lankan SIS and Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) agents during interrogation.

According to The Island, KP was arrested in a South East Asian country by Sri Lankan intelligence agents.

The Island
The Island learns that the entire operation was handled by Sri Lankans.

Sources described KP in captivity as rattled and co-operative, though he had been projected by the pro-LTTE media as a tough man.
I'm not entirely certain if extraterritorial jurisdiction allowed Sri Lankan intelligence agents to apprehend Pathmanathan on foreign soil.

Meanwhile, DBS Jeyaraj states on his blog that KP was arrested in Malaysia, and at the time of his arrest he had excused himself from a meeting he was having in a hotel, to answer a phone call. He apparently never returned.

If any of this is true, KP must have been in total disarray and in shock when a team of Sri Lankan SIS agents cuffed him and bundled him into a van.

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