Paul Harris on the Sri Lankan 'peace process'


I pretty much agree with everything Harris has to say. When the Tamil Tigers and the government of Sri Lanka agreed to meet at the table for peace talks in 2002. I knew it wouldn't last. Unless of course the government gave Prabhakaran his Tamil state called Eelam.

That's all he wanted. He wanted half of the island's land mass, and to be the undisputed leader of Tamils in Sri Lanka. It didn't matter where the peace talks took place. It didn't matter how long they discussed it. Prabhakaran only offered peace under the condition that he got Eelam and the chance to rule his kingdom.

It would be a crime for a democratically elected government to even consider handing half the island to a group of fully armed mass murderers. The Tigers financed their operations through international scams, extortion, arms trafficking, and human smuggling.

Under Ranil Wickremasinghe - in 2002 - that's exactly what Sri Lanka was contemplating on doing. The 2002 ceasefire gave the Tamil Tigers a new status. From a group of ruthless killers who terrorised the island to the sole representatives of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Imagine handing over Afghanistan to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda? No, first imagine having peace talks with the Al Qaeda. Then take away the terrorist tag, and eventually open their doors to international funding and aid from aid agencies. Then picture the Al Qaeda arming themselves with sophisticated weaponry during the 'peace talks' with no hindrance at any port of entry because they were no longer considered terrorist. Yup, it happened in Sri Lanka.

The Tigers shipped in containers containing air craft parts, weapons, and tanks during the 2002 ceasefire. They were arming themselves despite these peace talks.

I agree with Harris. It is immoral to reward terrorism and extremism. Wherever Paul Harris is today, he must really be happy with the eventual outcome.

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