Photos reveal links between former president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association and terrorist group

Once the national president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association, Sathajhan Sarachandran, is now behind bars. He pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism and conspiring to buy surface-to-air missiles for the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). He now faces life in prison.

When the Canadian Police (RCMP) raided Sarachandran's home they found images of him posing with heavy machine guns in Tamil Tiger territory.

A laptop computer in Sarachandran's possession revealed Tamil Tiger propaganda and other documents to enhance the Tiger's propaganda mechanism in Canada.

RCMP investigations have revealed that the Tigers used student youth groups to brainwash Canadian Tamils to further strengthen their funding. Some in the Tamil diaspora are still convinced that genocide took place in Sri Lanka. All thanks to the Tigers vast propaganda network in Canada and Europe.

In Canada the Tigers control two Tamil TV stations and a host of print publications.

The Tamil Tigers' propaganda wing, also known as their political wing, was entrusted with the task of influencing Tamils, who live outside of Sri Lankan shores. The Tamil diaspora was their primary funding source and support base. The money would only roll in if the Tigers were seen as freedom fighters, fighting for equality for Sri Lankan Tamils. In reality many rights that were being infringed was as a result of the Tigers' presence on the island. Lawless states in Tiger control, and a 30 year war didn't make Sri Lanka an ideal place to live in for anyone.

Some would even argue that Sarachandran had no choice but to support the Tigers because innocent Tamils were being killed in Sri Lanka. That's the kind of warped sense of reality that extremist and terrorist live in. Sathajhan Sarachandran found out that the bubble does eventually burst, and the law catches up with you.

Freedom fighters don't forcibly recruit children to fight. The Tamil Tigers were never freedom fighters. They were, however, the pioneers of the modern day suicide bomb (Suicide vest).

If you know someone in your university Tamil student group who thinks otherwise, point them to the following articles.

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End the ignorance once and for all.

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