Sri Lanka's first Tuk Tuk (3Wheeler) Rally

A Tuk Tuk, a.k.a. three wheeler, is a taxi commonly found in South East Asia. Photo by Alberto.. used here under a creative Commons license.

Sri Lanka's first ever Tuk-Tuk races will kick off from 5 to 15 September, 2009.
Twenty five teams of intrepid competitors from around the world will navigate the 1200km route in auto-rickshaws taking them through mountains, rain forests, tea plantations, coastal villages and busy towns.

The Lanka Challenge will set out to test the participants racing skills in their three-wheeled mean machines and involve the teams in a number of daily challenges along the route involving the local community.

The 10-day Challenge will give the teams of two or three an up close and personal experience of some of the most fascinating historical sites and natural delights Sri Lanka has to offer visitors while raising money for local charities.