Tamil doctors from Sri Lanka's war zone released on bail

Four of the five doctors who served in Tamil Tiger controlled territory were released on bail earlier this week.

They were accused of exaggerating casualty figures when international pressure was on Sri Lanka to stop it's offensive against the Tamil Tigers.

Pressure was on Sri Lanka to stop the offensive citing reports from these doctors, who claimed that thousands of civilians were dying to due to shelling by the Army. No mention was made about the Tigers' atrocities, nor was there any condemnation for the Tamil Tigers holding people as a human shield.

A ceasefire would have ensured the cornered Tamil Tigers would have fled into the nearby jungles and taken Sri Lanka back into years more of civil war.

The doctors later recanted their remarks claiming they were forced by the Tigers to exaggerate.

Four doctors who worked in Sri Lanka's combat zone have been given bail after they were detained for allegedly exaggerating civilian casualty figures.

A court in the capital Colombo said they could be released as long as they reported to police once a month.
When the doctors were initially arrested for questioning, there was instant outrage by Human Right activist and news agencies. Some claimed they would be tortured and killed. However, Time magazine reported that the Red Cross had access to them, and now a court of law has released them on bail.


On May 20, officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) had visited the doctors at a detention center, according to Monica Zanarelli, the ICRC's deputy head of operations for South Asia during a regular visit to detention sites. ICRC officials in Colombo said that the organization had access to the three doctors but could not confirm whether officials had made any more visits since May 20. Samarasinghe said that the three were now being detained at the CID in the capital Colombo.

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