Damilvany Gnanakumar's account of events in Sri Lanka

Damilvany Gnanakumar is a Tamil of Sri Lankan descent. She moved from Sri Lanka to the UK at the age of ten, and only returned to Sri Lanka in 2008, at the age of 24. Damilvany, based on her own statement to the Guardian newspaper, says she ran away to Sri Lanka, without informing anyone, after her marriage was "on the rocks."

Most definitely not the stable individual, whose claims can be taken as reliable. Nevertheless, her recent comments to the media has sparked a frenzy among all Tamil Tiger publications and news sites. Perhaps why the campaign to see her repatriated with her family in the UK took off among pro-Tiger Tamils in recent times.

Damilvany is an impressionable Tamil girl who spent most of her life in the UK, where no Tamil can escape the Tamil Tigers' extremism and indoctrination. She later returned to Sri Lanka to help her people fight the 'oppressive state.'

I have no doubt she supports the concept of Eelam. For Eelam, the Tamil Tigers drove out over 90,000 Muslims and thousands more Sinhalese from their ancestral homes to create a homeland for just Tamils. Eelam essentially segregated Tamils from the other ethnic groups on the island, and would hand half of Sri Lanka's land mass to a terror movement. The mainstream media calls it a mono-ethnic state. There is nothing acceptable about a mono-ethnic state in today's world. It is outright racist.

So, back to Damilvany..

Damilvany Gnanakumar spoke to the Guardian about her ordeal during the final days of the conflict between the Tamil Tigers and the armed forces of the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka.

It is astonishing how this 25 year old was able to tell who was carrying out the shelling. But what doesn't come as a surprise is the fact that none of her statements to the media criticise the Tamil Tigers, who the UN and it's humanitarian partners say held Tamils, including Damilvany Gnanakumar, as a human shield.

She had no ill words for the Tigers who shot at civilians trying to flee into government territory. Not a single bad word for the Tigers who built bunkers around her to fire shells at the advancing Sri Lankan armed forces.

The Guardian too seems to be wrapped up in this lopsided garbage.

The Guardian
There seemed little sign of danger, but by June 2008 fighting was getting worse: the Tamil Tigers, or Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), still thought they would be able to negotiate a ceasefire, as they had done in the past, but the government had other ideas. They were determined to destroy the LTTE once and for all.
The government attempted on numerous occasions to end the conflict by offering an amnesty to all who surrendered. The Tigers remained hopeful that if enough civilians died, and people like Damilvany and others spread the word, the world would intervene and save the Tamil Tiger leaders.

Damilvany is just a small piece in the puzzle.

15th November 2008 (AFP): "This morning the entire A-32 road and Pooneryn was captured by our security forces," the president said. "On this occasion, I ask (Tiger chief Velupillai) Prabhakaran to lay down and immediately come for talks." - Rajapaksa

5th of February 2009 (Telegraph): The Sri Lankan government has offered an amnesty to Tamil Tiger forces who surrender but refused to contemplate peace talks, vowing instead to crush those rebels who fight on. "The United States, European Union, Japan and Norway asked the rebels to lay down their arms and take part in a political dialogue to end Sri Lanka's vicious civil unrest which has claimed more than 70,000 lives since 1972."

23 April 2009 (France 24): Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka must surrender and allow civilians trapped in the battle zone to leave, the UN Security Council president said Wednesday.

13th May 2009 (Huffington Post): Obama Asks Tamil Tigers To Surrender, Sri Lanka To Mind Civilians.

Many efforts were made by the Sri Lankans and the international community to minimise the deaths of the innocent civilians. The same cannot be said about the Tigers.


Rights groups say the Tigers have forced civilians to stay in the war zone as a human shield to slow the offensive, as they have in the past while raising a cry over civilian casualties to try and build international pressure for a truce.
The one thing Damilvany Gnanakumar has got right is her recollection of the horrors of war. A war which Tamils like her funded and supported. Tamils in the UK turn out every year in their thousands for Pongu Thamil, a celebration of a terror movement which abducted Tamil children on their way to school.

Damilvany arrived in Sri Lanka to stay with a person she calls "brother." She moved directly to Tamil Tiger controlled territory upon her arrival in Sri Lanka in 2008.

To those of us living in Sri Lanka Damilvany's agenda is clear. Her remarks to the media don't shock any one on this island. We've seen the likes of her before, many times over, in the last 30 years.

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