Dr. Ergun Caner says Rifqa Bary will face honour killing in Sri Lanka

The President of the Liberty Theological Seminary, and Professor of Apologetics at Liberty University, Ergun Mehmet Caner, has portrayed the general ignorance and the extremist agenda behind those who think Rifqa Bary will be subjected to an honour killing for converting to Christianity from Islam.

Little does he know that Rifqa's father and others who grew up in Galle, Sri Lanka, were all educated in Christian missionary schools.

It is generally individuals who have a deep bias against Islam that feel Rifqa needs to be separated from her parents. The individuals who back the argument that religion, namely Islam, calls for the cold blooded murder of a child, over conversion, are those who think angels spoke to them, or god has chosen them out of billions to do his bidding.

None care for the well being of the child.

There are several non-extremist Muslims who claim that Ergun Mehmet Caner was never a Muslim. Yet, he claims to be a convert on a mission to rid the world of this evil-Islam. See the video below:

"No I never did drive a taxi," says Ergun in the video above. If that's not a racist I don't know what is? He says he never wore laundry on his head. He would shudder if he knew some of the earliest renditions of women on Roman coins found by archaeologist portrayed women wearing shawls (laundry) over their heads. There is a common understanding amongst the educated that even Mary the mother of Christ wore some form of clothing like a shawl draped over her head. Jesus was born in the Middle East, and anyone with an iota of common sense would know that Jesus wasn't blond and blue eyed. He wasn't Caucasian. Ergun would probably mistake him for a Taxi driver.

So here is a man with little or no knowledge on anything other than how to promote hate, coming to Rifqa Bary's aid! Sinister indeed!

One News Now
Liberty Theological Seminary president Dr. Ergun Caner told Christians attending the Values Voter Summit in Washington Saturday that if Bary is returned to her parents and they move back to Sri Lanka, she will be killed because "Sri Lanka puts my people to death."
It's time for the Christian church in Sri Lanka, and all citizens of Sri Lanka to speak up. We are all accused of killing Christians in our beautiful island nation.

Meanwhile, Rifqa's parents have released a video on Youtube. The family is clearly distressed that their only daughter, a 17 year old, has been influenced by individuals who have convinced her that she would be subjected to an honour killing if she continued to stay with her family.

Mohamed [Rifqa's father] "is so proud of his children," says Gary Abbott, his closest friend in the U.S. (and a Christian). "He values them more than his own life."
Let's get this straight, Gary Abbot a US born Christian who is closer to the Bary's than any of those claiming Rifqa's parents will kill her, has come to Bary's defence. He says the man accused of such a gutless crime like an honour killing cherishes his children more than anything else.

Furthermore, Honour killings have never taken place in Sri Lanka.

If there is anything that the Bible or the Quran teaches us, it is to end hate and ignorance, not spread it. I thank Miss. Farook, a Sri Lankan Muslim female, who sent me an email pointing out Ergun's smear campaign against all Sri Lankans.