Professor Rajiv Wijesinha responds to Channel4 complaints on camps


Channel4 yet again claims it received a video from inside Sri Lanka's camps for the displaced. This time from a group named 'War without witnesses'.

If you do a search online you will note that images on the 'War without witnesses' website are the same circulating on Tamil Tiger forums, TV stations in Canada, and Tiger run publications around the globe.

On the embedded video above Prof. Rajiv Wijesinha, responds to channel4 via phone.

Although Channel4 has been kicked out of Sri Lanka for it's tabloid style sensationalism, other reporters have gained access to camps, as well as the former conflict zone.

The UNHCR has always had a presence on the ground and access to the camps.

To get a clearer understanding of what's going in Sri Lanka, and to understand Channel4's coverage of Sri Lanka, read the article at the New York Times via the link below. It becomes evident that the channel4 news anchor who pretends not to know that the UN has always had access to the camps, brings that missing sensationalism needed to boost the financially struggling broadcaster.

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