Tamil Tiger head of prisons arrested - Tigers executed Sri Lankan POWs

A Senior Police sleuth was abducted by the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in April of 2005. Inspector T. Jeyaratnam was an ethnic Tamil from Jaffna and a high ranking intelligence officer in the Sri Lankan Police force. Jeyaratnam's abduction was yet another example of how the Tigers violated the ceasefire agreement.

Inspector T. Jeyaratnam and countless other Tamils who served in the armed forces stand as testimony to the fact that Sri Lanka's war was against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, and not Tamils as some want you to believe. Jeyaratnam was a Tamil enlisted in the Police force for 15 years.

Police officials say that Inspector Jeyaratnam has been a major source of information about the activities of the Tamil Tigers and had spent 15 years in the police.

He is one of the few officers in the force regarded as an expert on terrorism.
The arrest of the Tigers' prison chief and the Tigers' chief interrogator, at the refugee camps in Vavuniya, has shed light on the fate of Inspector Jeyaratnam, and how the Tigers managed to abduct a senior intelligence sleuth in Colombo.

The prison chief, whose name has not been released, has also divulged information about the fate of hundreds of Sri Lankan servicemen captured by the Tamil Tigers. The prison chief claims that with the exception of five POWs, who managed to escape during the final days of the conflict, several hundred had been tortured, forced to work, and finally killed execution style.

After 30 years of war the Tamil Tigers had all but five POWs alive in their custody. Sri Lankan prisons today have a number far exceeding 10,000.

Tamil Tiger combatants arrested in the 90s are serving their sentences to this day.

Soundarajan Paul

The Tigers utilised a close friend of Inspector Jeyaratnam to abduct him. Soundarajan Paul knew Jeyaratnam well enough to invite him out for a drink to a hotel in Mount Lavinia. Paul then drugged his already intoxicated friend and handed him over to two Tamil Tiger cadres disguised in Police uniforms. They were waiting for Paul and Jeyaratnam in a vehicle outside the hotel. Jeyaratnam was eventually smuggled out of Colombo by road and by boat deep into the Wanni (Tiger controlled territory).

After enduring months of torture Jeyaratnam managed to escape twice. He was quickly recaptured on both occasions. His story as well as information on how the Tamil Tigers managed to bribe corrupt Police officers and citizens, to carry out attacks and abductions in government controlled territory, can be found on Tissa Ravindra Perera's column Military Matters.

The Nation
Fourteen security forces men who were kept in their custody without informing the Red Cross until the final period, too had been shot dead, according to the Tiger Prison Chief who is now disclosing these details to security intelligence. In that group had been two officers taken in by Tigers after sinking a Dvora fast attack craft [Navy]. In addition to these fourteen members there were five other captured servicemen whose presence in their custody had been made known to the ICRC. Those five were allowed to escape with the IDPs, and surrendered to the security forces in the final days of the war.

Captured officers made to work

Those officers and men of the armed forces captured during attacks had been made to work and then killed by the Tigers. These revelations have been made by the Tiger Prison Chief taken into custody from an IDP camp in Vavuniya by a Special Intelligence team

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