Video: Sri Lanka to take legal action against Channel4 over execution video

The video embedded above is in Sinhalese. Taken from Sri Lanka's ITN TV channel. The news anchor says that the Sri Lankan government will be taking legal action against Channel4 over the execution video it aired.

Although Channel4 claimed it could not verify the authenticity of the video, it telecast the footage in a manner which led the viewer to believe that the images depicted atrocities committed by Sri Lankan forces against the Tamil minority. Channel4 claimed that the video was filmed on a mobile phone camera by a Sri Lankan soldier in January of 2009.

Sri Lanka's Minister for Disaster Management and Human Rights, Mahinda Samarasinghe, addresses the media in the video above, and informs them that their investigations had determined that it was filmed using a camcorder, and not a mobile phone camera.

The video above also has Major P.A Bandara and Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe addressing the media. They point out the factors which helped determine that the video was shot on a camcorder, or professional camera. According to Brigadier Prasad, preliminary analysis has determined the audio was recorded approximately 102.4 meters away from the scene. He informed the media that it would be impossible to zoom and capture visuals via a mobile phone from such distances.

This may rule out the possibility that the video was filmed on a mobile phone by a Sri Lankan soldier. Over the last 10 years several corpses of slain Tiger combatants have been handed over to the ICRC in generic green fatigues. The uniforms bear no significance in determining who was behind the executions.

What is now required is to identify the source of the video in order to determine if this was staged by the Tamil Tigers propaganda wing (a.k.a political wing). I doubt even a court of law can press Channel4 to reveal it's sources.

Previously Channel4 aired an exclusive interview with the new Tamil Tiger leader Kumaran Pathmanathan (a.k.a. Selvarasa Pathmanathan). Channel4 managed to obtain an interview with a fugitive who was on the Interpol's red list, wanted for terrorism. While law enforcement authorities could not track down Pathmanthan, the British TV station could. This raised questions on Channel4's coverage of the Sri Lankan conflict and it's connections with Tamil Tigers.

Just weeks after the interview aired, Sri Lankan intelligence agents were able to identify the location in which Pathmanathan conducted the interview, and subsequently arrested him.

One wonders if Channel4's source, who arranged the interview with Pathmanathan, is also behind the execution video and this unknown organisation "Journalist for Democracy in Sri Lanka".

There are several reasons behind a smear campaign against Sri Lanka. Here is one.

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