Another Sri Lankan Tamil man jailed in UK

23 year old Gankasan Nagarajah has been sentenced to nine months in prison by the Southwark Crown Court for money laundering and perverting the course of justice.

Nagarajah is said to have had £70,000 cash hidden in rucksacks and pillow cases.

New Ham Recorder
Nagarajah used his legitimate business transferring cash from the Tamil community in East London to the Asian state to cover up his lucrative sideline.

When police searched his home, they found a further £5,000 of 'dirty' money in a pillowcase.

But Nagarajah attempted to cheat justice, through forged receipts for the cash and a fabricated witness statement.
There appears to be an untold story here. Who was Nagarajah sending the cash too? I bet a little digging into by Scotland Yard may just reveal ties to the Tamil Tigers.

Judge Christopher Hardy appears to be a novice. He doesn't seem to know that the "tortured by the authorities" line is standard amongst Sri Lankan Tamils trying to garner sympathy with immigration officials and law enforcement. The sheer number of people who claim to have been tortured by authorities in Sri Lanka puts the charge well beyond Sri Lanka's capabilities. Sri Lanka would require huge resources and man power to torture and rape every Tamil refugee asylum seeker.

A tip sheet found in 1990 in the luggage of a Tamil, possibly a client of Thavam's, is typical. "You must tell them lies in such a way that [the Canadian immigration officer] must be able to believe you," it says. It advises clients to claim that their house was destroyed, and that they were arrested by the army and beaten. "Just give them some date," the paper concludes. "When the officer asks you this, tell them as if you are telling them a real sad story which has happened."

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