Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam's involvement with the Tamil Tigers

You may have already heard of Raj Rajaratnam's arrest. There was also some talk of his affiliation with the Tamil Tigers. D K Wijesuriya, the Sri Lanka Central Bank's investigations unit chief has told AFP that Rajaratnam has been cleared of all terrorism charges in Sri Lanka.

Wijesuriya told AFP, "at the time Mr. Rajaratnam made the donations, the TRO was not banned by the Sri Lankan government, nor the US. It was a donation made in good faith."

This comment comes a day after Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara, spokesman for the Sri Lankan defence ministry told Financial Times that Rajaratnam was "involved in several schemes funding the LTTE."

Wijesuriya was only referring to an investigation into Rajaratnam's donations to the TRO. It doesn't necessarily mean Rajaratnam had no involvement with the Tamil Tigers.

Michael J. de la Merced of The New York Times has revealed that Rajaratnam had surfaced numerous times in a 2007 FBI investigation. Rajaratnam was not named in the federal criminal complaint when charges were laid as a result of the 2007 investigation. He, however, was referred to only as 'Individual B.'

According to the federal complaint, Rajaratnam and his family met Prabhakaran in Sri Lanka. A document recovered during the 2007 FBI investigation states that Rajaratnam not only supported the outfit financially, but he was "working actively on the forefront."

Rajaratnam also donated $1 Million USD after the Tigers' successful attack on Elephant Pass in 2000. The Tamil Tigers took no POWs in the attack on the Sri Lanka Army's Elephant Pass Base. Over 1200 soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces were executed.
Criminal Complaint Against Supporter of Tamil Tigers

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